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Mimic flooring of tiles as advancements happen in rubber flooring

Bathroom flooring in big or small unit can make fashion assertion for the whole house. The tone of the room is set through it. Consult an estate agent and he will assert that the value of the house is increased if the bathroom and kitchen are updated.

Bathroom upgradation is no longer a straightforward matter. The choice based on design, hue, shape, texture is so vast that it is mind boggling.  Earlier tiles properties were based on water resistant, lasting, and low looking after. At present the beauty factor has been added to it. The market is flooded with kitchen flooring items. Included in the list is waterproof vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl, laminate tiles, wood look tiles, etc. Some of the laid-out patterns; -

·         Distinct tile design-Select tiles by soft exquisite colours; else dissimilar hues in bold. The patterns of the tiles are intricate.  You can use your creativity to lay it out. Ceramic and porcelain styles are in vogue.

·         Matte finish tiles- Glossy ones are also available. These have slip danger best used on walls.  Matt tiles do not easily take smudges or water stain which is not the case with glossy ones. Low sheen is easy to manage. These tiles do not reflect light and proper artificial and natural lighting is a must.
·         Geometric tiles-Present year the manufactures have come out with variety in tiles. Hexagon tiles are in demand for bathroom. The variety is in size, hues, and textures. Shower floor appear beautiful with it laid out. These tiles are visually arresting.  With these tiles bold pivot can be created. You can use it as an accent.

Rubber tiles are mostly used in gym, sports area basement, kitchen laundry and play region. The designs are in large-scale and the product is eco-friendly. Rubber is anti-slip with options in colours as well as thickness and textures. The tiles are lasting and easy to clean. The rubber flooring is robust, tough, flexible and bouncy. Keeping other parameters stable the rubber floor serves for 20 years or more.

Rubber tiles are effortless to care. Synthetic rubber flooring keeps stains at bay. Some rubbers need polishing with wax to keep away damage as well as discolouration. Wax can be reapplied. Otherwise the rubber floor only needs damp mop to clean. Harsh floor cleaners are not good for rubber.

Rubber tiles feel cushioned under foot. Some rubber flooring has underneath fabric, foam, cork etc. It feels soft to foot. Rubber tiles are destroyed by moisture on top as well as bottom. Vapor barrier keeps away seepage of water. Now-a days rubber tiles are given special treatment that makes it appropriate as flooring without damage. Walking on rubber makes no foot sound. Articles dropped by mistake do not create sound with the floor.

The rubber floors are easy to lay.  Some of the tiles come with interlocking edges in others edge pins do the needful. Tiles are cut with knife. In one other variety the glue-down forms exist.  These tiles reduce energy bill because of its insulation properties.  Rubber tiles once perish can be again recycled.

Use vinyl linoleum or wood look in your home along with rubber tiles.
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