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Current Scenario of Term Insurance in Indian Market

Life is full of uncertainties and the only way to keep yourself protected and prepared is by taking the best course of action. You need to do proper planning and take the right kind of decisions to ensure that you are financially secure. Keep in mind that any financial decision you make today will reflect on your future. The decisions should not be taken with an eye on the interest rate but it should also involve the financial goals that you have for the future. This is where term insurancecomes into play.

Overview and importance of insurance

If you want a simple plan for your family, you need to opt for term insurance. It is a no-frills, uncomplicated plan, which offers protection to your loved ones in case of an unfortunate incident. A term life insurance planoffers a cover at a low premium and will keep your family financially secure in the future.

Traditional life insurance vs.term insurance

In a traditional life insurance plan, the nominees of the policyholder receive a complete death benefit.This means that the sum assured is paid to the nominees in case of thepolicyholder’s death during the plan’s duration. In addition to this, you receive survival benefits at the end of the policy term. However, in term insurance plans,there is a slight difference. In such a plan, the nominees receive a sum assured if the policyholder passes away. However, a term plan does not include any maturity benefits on survival.

Current scenario of term insurance in the Indian market

In the present scenario of Indian markets, the financial knowledge of people is increasing. Hence, they are choosing a multi-faceted investment portfolio. This means having the bulk of funds distributed to make the best use of the schemes. This shows that term insurance is an important aspect of the portfolio for people and many investors consider riders to enhance the coverage. The rider will give you additional protection at a slightly higher premium. It will provide for critical illnesses, hospitalization, accidental death, and disabilities, among other serious medical contingencies. So, in addition to the premium amount for the plan, you can enjoy additional benefits as an extra feature.

There are different types of term insurance plans, which are designed to help safeguard the future of your loved ones. You need to consider your needs and financial health before buying a term plan. There is no right age to buy the plan; hence, if you have not bought one yet, you must invest in it at the earliest.
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