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How to Plan Your Unpredicted Marriage Cost?

Planning Your Unpredicted Wedding Cost- The Easy Solution

Indian weddings are well-known for their grandeur, lavishness, and extravagance. The couple and families leave no stone unturned in making this once-in-a-lifetime event memorable for themselves and everyone else. They do a detailed amount of careful planning and spend a considerable amount of money to make this grand event successful.

The sheer amount of effort that goes into the planning from booking venue in advance, choosing caterer & decor, jewellery shopping, selecting wedding invitations immense.

However, once you start planning for the wedding, there might be sudden shocks as you find yourself paying for a number of unexpected items (discussed in the next section) you didn't account for.

How can you deal with this?

A wedding loan is one of the easy and quick ways to manage cash crunch situations during wedding planning. i2ifunding(RNVP Technology Pvt Ltd.) is a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) registered Non-Banking Financial Company - Peer to Peer Lending Platform (NBFC-P2P) offers easy marriage loans with instant disbursal feature which makes it an ideal solution for urgent monetary needs that arise during the weddings.

Opting for such loans to meet unexpected wedding expenses is also an optimal solution to make the occasion memorable without stressing over finances.

Before going into the details of unpredicted marriage expenses, let's first understand the concept of marriage loan in more detail.

What is a wedding loan?

A wedding loan is a kind of personal loan which you can opt for to cover the unexpected or unplanned expenses of your wedding. It is a smart solution since wedding expenses often go much beyond than expected and not everyone has that kind of huge cash amount readily available.
In fact, it won't be wrong to say that taking a wedding loan acts as a “payment plan” to distribute the event costs over a longer period of time. Additionally, having enough liquid cash on hand allows you to pay for various services upfront giving you an added flexibility to make your wedding planning successful.

So, what are these unpredicted marriage costs that a marriage loan can help with?

Among 5 of these major unexpected and unaccounted last-minute wedding costs included-

  • Taxes

Most of the times, we forget to take taxes into consideration while planning wedding budgets. These are hidden costs which play a major role in swelling up to the overall expenses. Right from the food, luxury gift items, to the wedding venue, everything attracts either service tax or GST that make weddings more expensive and budgets soaring.

  • Last minute guests

We might carefully plan and prepare the guest list for the wedding well in advance but no amount of planning is enough for an event as grand as an Indian wedding. Last minute guests/attendees at the marriage (which we have not accounted for in the budget) is a common occurrence. This often leads to a shortfall of funds to accommodate the unexpected changes.
  • Tip to vendors
This is yet another overlooked costs while planning wedding budgets. Whether it is caterer, decorator, flower vendor or the venue staff, you have to pay a hefty tip to everyone that overshoots the planned budget and leaves you in a fix on how to manage the additional costs.

  • Alterations
Irrespective of the fact that you buy your wedding attire off the rack or have it custom-made, this is one cost-head that generally gets missed to be added to the overall budget. If you buy your dress early in the wedding planning process, there’s a good chance of you needing alterations depending on how much weight you have lost or gained.
  • Penalties
While planning for marriage expenses, people hardly accounts for the overtime penalties that they have to pay in case they exceed the time limit. It could be to the caterer, photographer or to venue owners for spending more time at your venue depending on how much time you take beyond the decided timeframe.

Who should consider taking a wedding loan?

Ideally, marriage loans are a great option for people who have budgeted to pay for their wedding expenses but didn't account for sudden expenses that might arise during the planning process.

In simpler words, if you have a solid plan for paying your wedding loan back and just need immediate cash to bridge the gap between expected vs reality of wedding planning, then a personal loan might be perfect for you.

Bottom Line

To cover unexpected wedding costs, you can either leave room in your wedding budget (not an easy task certainly!) or take a wedding loan to cover up the extra expenses. With the ease and simplicity of marriage loans, you can get quick funds for your unpredicted wedding expenses without much hassle.

Remember that when it comes to planning expenses for Indian weddings, expecting the unexpected makes your better prepared – and far more relaxed – when your big day finally comes.
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