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5 Reliefs of Timely Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

What’s the major concern of policyholders after the purchase of two-wheeler insurance policy? Undoubtedly, the renewal of the policy before the date of expiry. Renewal of two-wheeler insurance is an inevitable process as stated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 as it helps the customers in times of road-mishaps. Although the renewal of the policy is a complex process, but the rewards on the renewal make you forget the pain that goes behind it. Therefore, go through these benefits you can avail on the renewal of the policy.

Take a look:

Process for two wheeler insurance renewal:

Renewal of two wheeler insurance can be done in two ways: online and offline. While the online process is the easiest and convenient, the offline procedure of renewal is a lot more complex and time-consuming. Take a look at both the ways of renewing the policy and take actions based upon your convenience:

Choose the insurance company for the renewal of the policy
Visit the insurance company in order to make a renewal
Submit the details of your vehicle on the online portal of the company
Submit the documents and the fill the application form
Purchase the policy by making an online payment
Issue a copy of the renewal on the spot
You will only receive a  policy document of renewal within 24 hours by the insurance company
      Driving license
      Registration Card
      Copy of the previous policy and the notice of renewal sent by the insurance company

5 reliefs of timely two wheeler insurance renewal:

  1. Security for the peace of mind
When you renew the two-wheeler insurance policy, you ensure that your life and your bike are protected from any unforeseen events. It allows you with a sense of security as it ensures that you are not charged with hefty penalties if caught riding on the roads by the police. Additionally, you are covered in times of man-made calamities like theft, natural disasters, and so forth.

  1. Allowance of online renewal
Two wheeler insurance renewal online is one of the major perk allowed by general insurance companies. When you renew your policy online, you ensure a hassle-free experience which otherwise is not the case when it comes to offline renewal. A two-wheeler insurance renewal online not only helps you to save time but also ensures the hastening of the regular process of renewal.

  1. Facility for add-on covers
Renewal of the insurance company comes with additional benefits like the add-on covers suited to match the needs of the customers. When you renew your policy, you can select from the multiple add-ons available under the two-wheeler insurance policy. You are given a choice to select from the options like the personal accident cover, loss of accessories, zero depreciation cover, and so forth.

  1. Coverage for the third party
It is important to have a valid insurance policy especially since you never know when you might be involved in an accident with a third party. Timely renewal of your policy is necessary, asa valid policy would cover your bike if it were stuck amidst legal proceedings with the third party.

  1. Provision for NCB claims
The benefits of No Claim Bonus (NCB) is permitted to those customers who haven’t made a single claim since the time of purchase of the policy. This benefit is provided on the premium which, however, ranges from 20% to 50% depending on the insurance company. When you opt for the renewal process, you can avail the NCB benefit in order to employ the rate of lower premiums in your policy.

Now that you know the benefits of two wheeler insurance renewal, when are getting your policy renewed? Well, whatever you decide, see to it that you opt for two-wheeler insurance online as it guarantees a quick and easy process to follow. In order to ensure a safe future for you on the roads, renew the policy a day prior to the date of expiry. In the end, your safety should be your top priority more than money.
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