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Short-term Automobile Insurance For Your Pleasant Trip

Commuting is made convenient while traveling between cities and even countries. Supporting the public means of transport, renting and borrowing automobiles for short travel periods is becoming a popular option. But comfort comes with liabilities. One cannot deny the probability of getting into an unfortunate accident while temporarily owning the vehicle. To have a stress-free driving and travel experience, make sure you buy a short-term or temporary car insurance.

There are many instances when you would have to own a car for a short duration say for few days only. People who:

        Are visiting a country on vacation for a short-term and buying a temporary car to travel around the city.
        Are using a ride-sharing service and need insurance when they are driving, without actually owning the car.
        Are in-between cars.
        Are not satisfied with the car’s current insurance policy as the minimum insurance coverage may not fully cover their liability in a claim.
        Will rent a car that they do not own.
        Borrowing a car from a friend or family member.
        Will need to drive rental cars on and off, on several occasions and does not want to buy expensive rental car insurance.
        Plans to buy a car for a short period and then resell it.
        Brings their own car on their visit overseas.
Along with the insurance policy, one must consider getting in touch with car accident attorney, especially in cities like Las Vegas, which is considered a “fault” state. The Las Vegas Attorney have extensive experience in handling cases concerning car accidents liability, claims and resolving issues.

What's Covered by Short-term Car Insurance?

Deeply and thoroughly understand the policy of your short-term car insurance to know what all situations will it cover while making the claim. Based on the type of insurance you choose, different coverage options are available. Here is what you get in the short-term car insurance.

         Liability, that may arise from incidents in a vehicle.
        Comprehensive Coverage to pay for replacing or repairing your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in an incident other than collisions such as fire, vandalism or falling objects.
        Collision coverage for damage due to collision with another vehicle or objects.
        Uninsured and underinsured motorists for accident instances which involve an at-fault driver who doesn’t carry liability insurance.
        medical payments to help pay for medical or funeral expenses, regardless of the fault.
        Towing includes the cost of towing your car to a repair shop.
        Loss of Use coverage provides you a replacement vehicle or reimburses your transportation costs while your own vehicle is being repaired or replaced.
Before buying short-term car insurance, check your own car insurance policy which may have already covered you for temporary car insurance.
In case of borrowing the car, check with the owner if he/she has already made it covered for short-term automobile insurance. Non-owner liability policies do not cover the physical damage to the car.
How Much Will the Temporary Car Insurance Cost?

The cost of short-term or temporary car insurance will depend broadly on the following:

        Kind of car you are insuring
        How you will be using it
        Your personal insurance history
        And the length of time you would require the short-term or temporary insurance for.

The cost also varies depending on where you buy; buying from the rental agency while renting a car may cost you more than buying it from an insurance company. You may have to browse online for all the available options to insure your car.
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