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How to Make Your Small PPC Budget Go Further

When you’re working on a campaign with a limited budget, it can be challenging to stretch the PPC. It’s a popular misconception that you need a large PPC budget to see results, but you can run a cheaper campaign that yields great results. This is especially true if you are in a market with limited demand.

There are some easy tweaks you can make that will make a lot of difference to your budget and your success. If you are on a really tight PPC budget, read on to find out how you can maximise your campaign.

Focus on One Network

When you use AdWords, your ads will appear in either the Search Network or the Display Network. Initially you won’t know which one is better, but focusing on one will help you to avoid spreading your money too thinly with mediocre results.

In this situation it’s better to focus on the search network. It’s a lot easier to manage and the results will be better if you are running a lower-budget campaign. Avoiding the display network will also help you eliminate the needs for new creatives and targeting, which will make it a lot harder to manage a small campaign budget.

Call in the Professionals

London professional SEO services such as Elevate UK are on hand to provide you with technology that help you have a very successful campaign on a tight PPC budget.

Limit the Number of Keywords

The more keywords there are, the more time will be spent monitoring how they perform. Adding a huge number of keywords will also run the risk of you running out of budget too quickly. Having a small budget campaign with thousands of keywords is already setting you up for failure. Start out small, pause frequently and add more keywords gradually.

Pay Attention to the Analytics

Getting clicks and visitors is great, but are they converting? Using analytics can help you understand why you’re not converting. Look for any bottlenecks where customers may be being turned off. Fix the issues so that more customers get past the click and convert into sales.

Keep monitoring your analytics as closely as you can. Bidding is dynamic, so major changes can happen very quickly. Be vigilant, be adaptive and watch your conversions grow.
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