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Storage ideas for awkward items

In an ideal world, everything would fit neatly into its box; however, if you happen to work in a warehouse or simply have the urge to keep your own garage tidy, you will know that this is not always the case. Heavy, large and strangely-shaped items can be problematic to store.

Correct storage is not just about tidiness; in addition, it is important to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. With the Health and Safety Executive citing incorrect storage as one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace, it is vital that you get this right first time.

Let’s take a look at the options for storing those awkward items:

Archiving material

Many companies have a legal obligation to hold on to records for a certain period of time; even in the home, many of us will have papers we either need to keep or can’t bear to part with. This is where archive racking and boxes come into their own, providing a neat home for all your records in an easy-to-navigate system.

White goods

Heavy and bulky items such as washing machines and fridges are not easy to move about and are best stored out of the way on pallet racking. These can hold a significant amount of weight and help you to avoid the need to pile items on top of one another, making them easy to access when you need them.


Long lengths of piping can be difficult to store. Piling them high is not a good idea, as it is so hard to move them safely. Cantilever racking provides a simple solution, holding the pipes in position until you need them.

Finding the right storage solution for your needs will not only increase the safety of your space but also make it easier to access items as you need them. There is a huge amount of choice available when it comes to finding the perfect shelving or racking system, while storage bins can also be ideal for keeping smaller items safe in your garage. For advice on finding the perfect solution, contact a specialist in residential shelving Ireland, such as, to ensure you make the right purchasing decisions.

After all, while you may not be able to fit everything into a box, everything can, and should, be in its place.
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