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Home Loan - a well-sheltered proposition

There was a wealthy retailer dealing in pens who, apart from stocking various well known brands dealt in calligraphy pens under his own brand name - ‘Kalamkar’. The quality of his product was much spoken about and so was his stubborn, stingy and miserly attitude. He used to shoo away anyone who sought his help, be it in cash or in kind. However he feared one character who suddenly started frequenting his shop and categorically extorted 10 sets of calligraphy pens, every time he visited. After 3 months, the retailer was surprised to get an invitation for lunch from the character who extorted the calligraphy pens from him. Expecting to strike a compromise, our retailer reached the house of his extortionist. After the sumptuous lunch and seeing the positive change in the attitude of his extortionist, our wealthy retailer gathered all his guts and feebly asked him, “Where did all the pens you collected from me go?” Hearing this, the host got up from his chair, put his arm around his guest’s shoulders and took him to the backyard of his home where the businessman saw innocent children creating graphics with utmost attention using ‘Kalamkar’ calligraphy pens. Tears rolled down his eyes when his host told him - “They are poor orphans who sell their art to make wall hangings and earn their livelihood. No worries, your pens are in safe hands”.

An authentic Home Loan lending institution may appear repulsively shrewd, but once your loan is approved, you can be rest assured that the EMI you pay and the amount remitted to the builder are in safe hands.

A loan from a Housing Finance institution is well-sheltered for reasons mentioned below;

After your Home Loan is passed, the dealings between you and the lending body is either through cheque or electronic clearance. Likewise, the financial dealings between the lending body and your builder are also in white. This ensures that all the dealings are legitimate

The amount paid by the lending institution to the builder is well-recorded and no unforeseen and unaccountable demands can be raised by your builder

The amount to be remitted to the builder is intimated to you in print (or digitally) well in advance. So is the EMI amount and the payment due date.

An authentic Home Loan lending body deals only with builders registered under MahaRERA

There can be no misappropriation in the interest rate that you pay. You are given the option to choose between a Fixed Interest Rate or a Floating Interest Rate

Given the fact that you get tax benefits, you are further ensured of the security of your financial outgoings to your lender.

Thus, a Home Loan lending institution may appear to be shrewd at the first glance. However, once you sign up, so far as financial security goes, you are home.
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