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Rakuten Forex Broker

Rakuten Forex brokers offer Forex trading services all over the world with the head office of the Rakuten Group being in Japan. They stand out among various Forex brokers in that they carry out their trading activities on mobile trading platform such as Meta Trader 4, commonly known as MT4. Rakuten Forex brokers offer trading of indices, commodities as well as all major currencies.

·Why choose to trade with a Rakuten Forex broker?

Rakuten Forex brokers are one of the many Forex brokers operating in the lucrative but saturated Forex market. It is therefore important to ensure that their trading conditions are not comparable to any other broker. The following factors make brokers from Rakuten to stand out in the global market.

·        Financial Backing

Rakuten Securities Australia is backed financially by Rakuten Securities. Rakuten Securities are part of Rakuten Group which is the fourth largest FX broker in the world.  This strong backing of Rakuten Forex brokers coupled up with the strong business culture of the entity ensures that they offer clients very competitive spreads as well as excellent customer service. 

·        Leverage

Rakuten Forex brokers offer high leverage to its clients while maintaining the regulations set in the industry. This gives their clients an opportunity to maximize their investment while reducing the risk significantly.

·        Top market advice

When you choose Rakuten Forex brokers to help you in your Forex trading, you can be assured of long term market analysis and daily live market updates via their twitter feed.  They also offer educational content for free to new traders to enable them make more informed trading decisions.

·        Pricing

These brokers make use of pricing trends from the Tokyo platform giving them a unique pricing model that is not usually offered by competitors. The no commission and tight spreads policy makes Rakuten Forex brokers more attractive to customers. They offer 95% on spread during normal trading hours and 5% on holidays and during periods when the liquidity is low like when there is a market-roll over. 

·        Security

Trading with Rakuten brokers assures you of the security of your investment as all the client money is put away in a segregated bank account. As the funds are fully insured, in-case the brokers become insolvent the client will receive their investment fully and therefore no fear of losing any money. 

·        Initial deposit

The minimum deposit requirement is $50 which is relatively low for a new trader, allowing them easy access to the various pricing models on offer. Clients are also assured of excellent customer and operational support regardless of their initial deposit. 

How to begin trading

1.     Choose a trading account

Rakuten Forex brokers have a relatively small portfolio consisting of 40 Forex pairs and CFDs on silver and gold. In order to begin trading in Forex, the first step is to choose a trading account that you will use. A demo account with $100,000 is available for you to test out your skills before you begin trading. Rakuten Forex brokers offer 3 types of these accounts:
  • Individual account
These are accounts for investors with huge amounts of funds and a significant tolerance for risk.
  • Superannuation account
This is a collective account that a company contributes to for the benefit of each and every employee. Funds deposited in the account are invested with the aim of letting them to grow exponentially until the retirement or withdraw of the employee.
  • Corporate account
Corporate account allows business owners to trade on behalf of the organization or invests the company's surplus money by providing them with the ability to trade a range of financial instruments. 

2.     Make payments

As a client of Rakuten Forex brokers, you can fund your account by use of either AUD or USD. You get to select the currency you prefer to use when you open your Rakuten trading account. Rakuten Forex brokers are open to various payment methods such as Skrill or Neteller, all which are subject to verification on your first deposit.
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