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Level770 Offers Innovative Ideas For Call Centers

Level770 offers top technology solutions for call center environments. There are 289 call centers in the world located on 4 continents and 45 countries that rely on them. From start to finish, the company offers a process to provide support through training, advice, preparation, and implementation.

Good news is the set up only takes about 3 hours and then immediate access is gained to CRM (customer relationship management), Meta traders, support, credit card payment processors, and much more. After implementation, they continue to serve and support the partners throughout their daily business routines.

CRM systems tracks the past interactions with customers and helps to organize the information about the customers. The systems have demonstrated sales growth by responding to the needs of the customer. With access to trading platform software, such as MetaTrader 4, Webtrader, and more, this allows the partners’ investors to manage their financial products easily online.

Support is offered 24/7 for buying, selling, and managing stock shares by using dealing services. Level 770 has partnered with over 15 credit card processors that include Visa, Master Card, Diners, and American Express just to name a few.

Level 770 understands the trading brands and platforms are unique to each company so they specifically design business plans and ideas for each call center. A variety of diverse trading brands are offered based on the needs of the partner.

The amount of investment the company puts in is minimal but they see quick results with high profits and have low risks. They utilize 3 main business models based on the entrepreneur's goals; The Franchise Model, The White-Label Model, and The IB Model.

The Franchise Model is focused towards any business entrepreneur who has an interest in franchising a call center. This model offers access to trading brands and helps develop aspects in trading platforms, banking, CRM, and more.

The White-Label Model is directed towards business entrepreneurs that are active in the call center industry but are seeking additional opportunities and developments in online trading for a franchise. These companies should already have knowledge of the industry and sales. Full service is offered to these companies, however, trading brands are excluded since that is the entrepreneur's responsibility.

The IB Model offers business entrepreneurs and leaders that already have experience in online trading and own call centers the opportunity to establish a partnership with Level770. This opportunity is for the business professionals that want to collaborate with them and to improve partnerships and networking.

The technologies that Level770 offers will show real results by improving customer interactions and bring efficiency to call centers. Level 770 understands that knowledge is power and based on their past experience they have proven success to their partners by using technology and highly trained professionals.

Their employees specialize in meeting business plans for the partner by utilizing their skills acquired from past experiences. Due to the constant market changes, they need to act quickly in regards to the methods and strategies and have extreme flexibility but still have a plan in place.
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