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How does GDPR effect B2B marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation created to align data privacy laws across all European Union countries. The GDPR means that businesses will now have to rethink how they market their products / services to both current and potential customers.
The GDPR regulates the processing by a company, an organisation or an individual of personal data relating to people in the EU. It does not currently apply to the processing of data of legal entities or of deceased persons.

According to business data experts BDP Agency “GDPR becomes enforceable on 25th May 2018,and entails a raft of considerations for the marketer,however these considerations are very different for those directing their marketing towards business-to-consumer and business-to-business prospects.”
Let’s reflect on some of the important information that needs to be considered, firstly for targeting individuals:
·         Right to access – this means data subjects have the right to know information on the data held about them.
·         Marketing lists – for inclusion in such a list, data subjects need to have been given unambiguous permission meaning they have opted in and can easily opt out and there must be clearopt-out procedures.
·         Data portability – data subjects can request which data is held about them and that the data is held in a specific format.
·         Privacy by design – when managing data privacy, the marketer needs to take intoaccount this information at the outset. Privacy has to be integral to the whole process of data management.
·         Breach notification – in the event of a data breach, appropriate procedures must be put in place to inform the data subjects.

These are the extremelyimportant considerations now let’s take a look at how this affects business-to-business(B2B) marketing.
The main area that many B2B companies will be using is legitimate interest and it is necessary to ensure from the checklist below that every section is covered to ensure that a business can process data under this section:
·         that Legitimate Interest is the most appropriate basis and that your customers and prospects do not fall under Personal Data or consumers as outlined above.
·         has understand the above and that the individual’s rights have been considered to protect their interests before proceeding with this clause.
·         can justify why they are using Legitimate Interest.
·         the processing is necessary and there is no alternative way to carry this out for the same result
·         carried out a balancing test
·         the business would reasonably expect to receive information regarding thesubject you are advertising and that this would not be considered intrusive.
·         the business offers an opt-out.
Taking into consideration all the above, and after carrying out a Legitimate Interest Assessment to ensure that you are protecting the rights of any individuals, then you can ensure that you are following the correct protocol for GDPR.
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