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3 Signs You Know It's Time to Upgrade Your Promotional Merchandise

Making changes is difficult, especially in business. Professionals, like many of us, get way into their comfort zone of sticking to the known that they forget to challenge the unknown. They think that if something has worked in the past, it will continue to do so in the future as well.

Take the example of promotional products. Just because one thing worked before, it doesn’t mean it will continue to work indefinitely. Just as the concept of good habit formation rings true for successful people, change is inevitable but you need to adapt your habits to account for that change. In the case of promotional products, it means keeping up with the needs of the hour and implementing new ideas for upgrading the promotional merchandise.

Here are 3 signs that you need to upgrade your merchandise for more effective promotion. The swag (stuff we all get/ain’t got) of our times has changed. It’s time that we started keeping up with the needs of our target audience.

1.     We’re not Accounting for Eco-Friendliness

It may have flown with businesses to have promotional products that we’re not eco-friendly, but they won’t anymore. Although the regulations for companies to become green have a crucial part to play, more importantly, consumers today have become more aware and are looking to associate with businesses that have the least impact on the environment.

There are more people willing to associate with you through promotional products if you upgrade them to ones that are made with the least impact to the environment like those at customgear.com.au. These include promotional products that are made of natural, renewable and, perhaps most importantly, recyclable material. This means getting rid of paper cups and replacing them with Sturdy bottles made of sustainable PET (which is recycled and created from waste). Review the materials that the promotional products are made from.

2.     Cheap Quality Products

Products such as pens can be a great addition to your promotional products’ portfolio, but not at the expense of being cheap quality. When you give your customers a promotional pen, it is a way that they will remember you. A pen that has limited functionality and inferior build quality will be a really bad reflection on your company image.

Instead you can use customized and high quality alternatives. One of these alternatives are stylus pens that double as a ball point at one end and a stylus for your customers’ mobile devices at the other. An additional added grip is also an added advantage. Chromium plated pens can also be reserved for your high priority business customers as it will help them associate your name to high quality whenever they see your logo printed on the chrome-plated pen.

3.     Keeping Up with the Times

It isn’t swag if it’s not swag. When you know that many of your customers have moved on to something new, such as a new iPhone, having outdated phone covers will be an unwise move. Learn to match pace or anticipate ahead of time, the technological and consumer trends to keep your promotional products updated.
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