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Servcorp Supreme Services - How Servcorp Offices Can Help Your Business

The Philippines is home to one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia, with huge economic growth and a highly skilled and educated workforce. With its strategic location with easy access to the wider Asian region, it makes sense to anyone with a decent business acumen to consider expansion into the Filipino marketplace.
Sourcing an office space in the business centre of Manila, Makati City might prove challenging however and many entrepreneurs in the know are turning to serviced office providers as a solution. But are all serviced office providers the same? Servcorp is, without doubt, the premium service provider in the Philippines. Find out more about what they provide here

But how can Servcorp offices help your business? Read on to find out.

Location, Location

Servcorp’s base in the Philippines is in the heart of the financial and business district of Metro Manila’s Makati City, so your business can set itself up on the right foot with a prestigious address to use on correspondence, marketing materials and business cards.

This is sure to impress potential clients and investors and show that your business is to be taken seriously as you can mingle with all the big players, helping you to succeed in the local marketplace.

There’s Flexibility as There’s No Locked in Leases

Traditional office space costs can often be a huge drain on finances and leave companies with little room to breathe. Long-term leases and locked in contracts offer little in terms of flexibility should your business need to grow or indeed downsize.

With Servcorp offices you have complete flexibility to choose both the size and location of your office and the best part is – you only pay for the services that you use. With a month by month contract and just a one-month security deposit, you can expand your business into The Philippines with ease and peace of mind.

There’s No Waiting Around

When you locate a traditional office space, it often comes unfurnished, leaving the fitting out and setting up of the office to you. This takes a lot of time and let's face it, time is money in business so this can be a huge setback. Your precious time would be much better spent focusing on growing your business than picking out floor tiles or setting up phone and internet connections. This is also a huge drain on capital as office equipment and furniture aren’t cheap.

When you choose a Servcorp serviced office, there’s no waiting around for furniture delivery or internet installation – your office space is fully fitted out and ready to go to work in, with unbranded, 5-star office fit outs in an impressive Manila location.

Instant Access to Support Staff

As well as a fully fitted out, ready to go office space, Servcorp offices also provide a highly-trained and experienced team of staff to support your business. With a dedicated bilingual receptionist to manage your calls and welcome your clients, you’re sure to make a great first impression. There’s in-house IT support available 24/7 should there be any minor teething problems in the initial stages.

With instant access to a dedicated team of staff, you don’t have to spend time on the interviewing and hiring processes so you’re free to concentrate on more important matters - getting down to business.

Servcorp Offices Will Greatly Benefit Your Business

With instant access to premium, ready to useoffice space in an excellent location, freedom and flexibility of contracts, complete with a dedicated team of staff at your disposal, you’ll reap all of the business benefits with none of the administrative office headaches.

When you choose Servcorp’s supreme services you can be certain you’ve made the right executive decision.
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