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How to Find An Affordable Property In NYC

If you are moving to NYC, you are probably in the market for an affordable property for a single or a family. Finding an affordable property in New York is almost impossible today because of the fluctuating real estate market. Certainly, it is even more difficult for the business person that is looking for a commercial space to rent in a high rise building.

The key to finding an affordable property in NYC, begins with finding professional assistance. Look for an experienced Real Estate Broker that knows the city well, and the way to find a reasonably priced property. Here are more tips on finding an affordable property.

Start Your Search Before Moving

Start your search for the perfect property, months or even a year before your planned move. Begin your search for a property online. Visit several of the real estate sites and note the price of the properties in different sections of the city. Tevfik Arif Doyen research different areas around the city. Check out the local statistics concerning property availability and price.

What's Your Budget

The next important step is to sit down and work out a budget. Generally, you should stick to paying about one third of of your monthly salary on rent and no more. Otherwise, you might end up in a financial bind. For example, if you earn about 9,000 per month, spend no more than 3,000 on your rent. Of course, if you find a good real estate broker, they will work out the details.

Visit The City

Perhaps, you are not familiar with the entire city. Get to know your new home intimately by visiting the city several times before making the big move. Go there in person and walk around different sections of the city. Check out the landscape and the type of buildings, stores, and people that populate the area. Look for vacancy signs, for rent signs, or for sale signs. Contact the owners and question them about the property or other properties that they might have up for rent, lease, or sell in the future.

Seller's VS Buyer's Market

Now, is the time to determine if you are in the middle of a seller's market or a buyer's market. Clearly, in New York it is a seller's market. There are more buyer's than sellers. Consequently, the property owner knows that they have the leeway to rent, lease, or sell the property at about any asking price. In a buyer's market, there is room for negotiating the price of the property down.

Let Your Broker Handle Details

Certainly, a large percentage of business people and regular consumers assume that they have the negotiating skills to handle their real estate transactions. Thus, saving the Broker's fee. This is a costly mistake to avoid. The key to finding a desirable property at an affordable price remains finding a professional broker.

Broker's fees are very minimal compared to all the headaches and hassles that they save their clients. Brokers are a good source for information too. They know the city and which property owners are the best to contact for the client.
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