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Difference Between Inbound Marketing And Outbound Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important factor in sales of manufactured products. Outbound marketing is the primitive type of marketing that has been used for years by different organisations. A rather newer type of marketing is inbound marketing and differences between the both are mentioned in the below sections.

What is Inbound Marketing ?
Inbound marketing is an online marketing process that focuses at pulling potential customers in using different types of interesting content. Oftentimes, inbound marketing is also regarded as content marketing as content plays the major role in this type of marketing. The basic process of working in inbound marketing is making use of different social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts, infographics and almost every other type of content that interests the users. Other processes like search engine optimization and paid advertising play the key role in inbound marketing.

What is Outbound Marketing?
Outbound marketing is the conventional and the general type of marketing that has been used since years within the domain of marketing. This type of marketing is quite interactive and it is generally pushed towards the audiences, regardless of whether or not the audiences require it. It generally includes marketing through Television, radio and banner marketing. It also makes use of telemarketing and display ads sometimes. Since the inception of inbound marketing, outbound marketing has been replaced by the same.

What is the difference between Inbound and outbound marketing?

There are a lot of differences between the conventional outbound marketing and the newly evoked inbound marketing and some of the major differences of the same are as follows: -

1.    The basic difference between outbound and inbound training is that the former one tries to push itself towards every person regardless of the use of the audience, while inbound marketing pulls in just the interested readers.
2.    The content present in the outbound marketing is written in accordance with the needs of the consumers while the content for inbound marketing focuses more according to the consumer’s needs.
3.    Outbound marketing is inert and one-way while inbound marketing is both fluid as well as interactive.
4.    Outbound marketing focuses at seeking the customers out while inbound marketing draws in customers.
5.    Inbound marketing is generally consumes content whereas outbound marketing functions by disrupting the content.
6.    The natural habitat for outbound marketing is billboards, telemarketers, magazines, TV ads, display ads and all sorts of offline advertisements. And natural habitat for inbound marketing is created by blogs, social media posts, opt-in mails and all other sorts of online marketing techniques.

The world today is digital and almost everything is done through the means of internet. Marketing as well is better when done by making use of internet through the means of inbound marketing. Also, Inbound marketing is considered to be the more fashionable type of marketing in comparison to the outbound type of marketing.
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