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Bulk SMS – A Key Factor to Get Quick Conversions & Leads

Mobile has become one of the essential gadgets in everyone’s life. Due to advanced technology, it has made things easier. You can use it for personal as well as professional work. As the demand for this gadget is increasing, most of the manufacturing companies try to give their best to the customers. Mobile companies have come up with different technologies and different apps to be on the top of the market. Topmost companies have various offers on buying mobiles.

Mobile users choose their best gadget, which is suitable for their lifestyle and is pocket-friendly. Manufacturing companies deliver their products based on the demand of people. Some have simple technology while some manufacture smart-phones. This smart-phone has become a style. Be it a student, working professionals, homemakers, businessman, etc. all need it for their daily chores. It is the best way to stay connected with each other.

Life has become easy with these smart-phones. Being easily connected to the internet, most of the official works are done through smart-phones. Increasing popularity of social sites, youngsters as well adults use mobiles to stay connected with each other. Like mobile, mobile’s SIM card is too in high demand. Manufacturing companies are coming with new offers to meet customer demands. Offers are mainly based on cheap call rates, highest mobile data offers, free messages, as well as free bulk messages.

Most of the promotions of developing business are done through bulk messages or online links. Bulk messages offer and its usage is in the boom. Considering its popularity, most of the SIM card companies have come up with different plans to stay at the top in the mobile market. Most of the companies, be it large or small use bulk SMS to promote their product.

SMS marketing through bulk messages has made business easier to stay connected to the clients by keeping them updated with latest offers, events, services, and products. Bulk SMS has become the new method of promotions and marketing. Companies, thus have various offers to avail for bulk SMS.

Importance of Bulk SMS Marketing

Cost Effective

Hoardings, google ads, digital marketing, another manual way of promotion are a costly as well as the time-consuming medium of promotion and marketing. Bulk SMS marketing is a cost-effective source of communication. Hence, it is in demand all over the world. With less time consumption and delivery on time, most of the commercial and other social messages can be sent in no time.

Large Target

Bulk SMS targets larger number of customers in a single click. You can send 1000s of messages at a time to get connected easily. So, people are happy and contented with this bulk SMS process.

Greater conversion

This mode of promotions results in high conversion. One can expect positive results immediately after marketing. You may get a number of inquiries through bulk SMS promotion method.

Instant Result

One can expect instant results in a single day. As compared to other methods, you need not wait for a longer period to get positive results.

Bulk SMS can be distinguished into two types of routes

Promotional SMS

As the name suggests, this type of bulk SMS’s main objective is to promote service or product. Sales and marketing messages come in this category. These messages may or may not be approved by the recipient. These SMS are not sent or delivered on 24/7 basis. They are only sent to NDND numbers. Few people find this bulk message irritating, people have a choice to do settings in their mobile of NDND.

Transactional SMS

Transactional messages are only delivered to existing customers to convey a message on any sort of information for using any product or service. These SMS are delivered 24/7. They are sent to DND as well as NDND mobile numbers.

As discussed, Bulk SMS services are result oriented and cost-effective. This form of marketing aids to share the needed information in numerous ways like reminders, coupons, appointments, feedbacks, challenges, votes, etc. The bulk SMS marketing is quick. The average response time is likely to be 90 seconds.

How to Get Better Results From Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS

Create Your Database

Building a database that saves all the details of the customer. All the necessary information like email addresses, name, phone numbers, birthdates, etc. should be saved. Once you have saved all the information you can carry various following activities to keep your customers loyal towards you.

After every transaction, reply back with a ‘thank you’ note. While interacting do provide your contact details so that the customer can reach to you.

Keep the customers updated with any fresh arrivals of offers, sales, etc.

As you have the detailed information about the customers, send the SMS on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. hence, sending bulk messages improves your business and creates a good bond between you and your customers.

Check the SMS Content

Check with the content, style, and tone of the bulk SMS. The content has to be short, perfect and informative.

Sender ID

Your sender ID has to be appropriate as it tells the audience who has sent the message. Hence, it is advisable to keep your business name as the sender ID. Most of the bulk SMS providers allow this strategy. This advanced technology of Bulk SMS marketing is the easiest way to purchase a product or service.

Recognize Your Target Audience

Sending bulk SMS is not of any use if you are not finding its effect on your business growth. Hence, doing a research on the target audience is essential. Send SMS that is helpful for the target audience. Make a list of targeted audience and then send bulk SMS to the listed people. Categorize the target audience need with gender, age, and need. Do ask for a return feedback for keeping a healthy relationship.

Bulk SMS through Mobile Coupons

This coupon attracts customers to your services. SMS marketing through coupon is constructed on the best services of payment, redemption, and transport.

Bulk SMS strengthens your bond with customers. This advanced way of promotion helps in increasing your business.

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