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The Right Way to Shop for a Bra

Yes, shopping for every clothing item is difficult. But the difficulty level soars limitlessly when the item you are shopping for is a bra. Everything about bra shopping is extremely confusing. First, it’s difficult to figure out the right strap size. Secondly, you won’t be able to come across a bra having the right cups in the right size or shape, easily. That is probably the reason why people don’t experiment much with brands when it comes to bra shopping. But if you want to do some experimentation, and find out which bra fits you more perfectly than the one you have been religiously wearing for long, then below are the points you might need to keep in mind. Check out-
  • To do the best online bra shopping, you will have to select the right size. The importance of the size of the bra can never be overemphasized. Many women keep wearing a particular size for years before finding a more perfect size, realising they had been wearing the wrong size all the while. Yes, sizes can be extremely deceptive. The size that you think fits you perfectly, might actually be a tad too tight or loose. There is simply no way to tell if the best online bra shopping size you are wearing is the wrong size, until you keep buying bras with different sizes- a notch up or down the size you generally wear. Sometimes, different brands offer different fittings against the same size. It’s only through trial and error that you can figure out which size from which brand fits you perfectly.
  • So, we have talked enough about the strap size, now let’s come to the size of the cup. A lot of women buy bras simply looking at the strap measurement. But that’s not the right way to shop for a bra. To pick the right piece, you will have to consider the cup size as well. Finding the right cup size is far more difficult than you can imagine. And you know this well, if you are a woman. This is, in fact, the trickiest part of bra shopping. There are different cup sizes like A, B or C. And you will have to choose one according to the size of your breasts. For example, C is for women having larger breasts. Similarly, size B is for medium sized breasts. Don’t go for a cup size just because the seller doesn’t have any other size in stock, or your friend wears that size. You should always pick your cup size by trying out bras.
  • There are numerous bra varieties available today, starting from padded and underwired to push-ups, you can pick a variety according to the purpose you want the bra for. For instance, if you want a bra to wear under your T shirts, then you can go for T shirt bras. Sports women can go for sports bras. These are specialised bras meant for women having different needs.
For the best online bra shopping or making your purchase from a retail store, you must keep the above-mentioned points in mind. This way, you will be able to zero in on the best product.
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