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New York Commercial And Business Real Estate Forecast 2018

New York is a vast state with so much variation in its real estate, from the mountainous Adirondacks and Catskills to quiet farming of rural Finger Lakes region, to the bustle of New York City and the beaches of Long Island. While there is no generic real estate imprint that fits all areas of the state, the good news is that the commercial real estate market overall in New York is doing better than in years past.

New York is a highly diverse state with so much to offer from the lovely vacation regions in the Hamptons, to the quieter vacation tourist areas of the Finger Lakes and Lake George and on to the non-stop bustle of New York City Bayrock. Each of these areas has their own separate appeal and their own real estate market. In general, when the economy is good, the vacation areas have proven to have a better business market. There is no definitive on how the coming years market will fare and much will depend on state tax policies and the federal tax policy effects on employment. However, there are some good indicators that show it should be a steadier time to buy, sell, lease and build throughout the state.

2018 State Overview

While New York City is always an active market, Tevfik Arif Bayrock there has been a slow up in the market there which can be attributed to several changes. In the area in an around New York City, some of the real estate market areas of the city have not fared so well in the last 2 years. In fact, the market has been down substantially in certain sectors while advancing in others. Whether this continues will probably depend on the overall economy and job increases in the city. Last year the city saw 68,000 new jobs. While this is a good number it did not quell the problems with some business real estate.

With regards to the other areas of the state, each region has its own business real estate market, with some of areas doing better than others. Certainly, the state taxes have been an ongoing concern for New York residents. In fact, some areas of the state have taxes that have been so high it has caused people to locate businesses outside of New York City regions that would normally look to locate in the city. The good news is that the state tax losses may finally be offset by the new federal tax changes.

In fact, as in many other areas of the country, there is some hope that the new tax bill from President Trump that passed through Congress may alleviate some of the deterrents to buying, selling, leasing, renovating and building both business and commercial property in the state. As several companies are looking to expand some of their employment bases throughout the state, this should trickle down and in turn create a higher demand for business real estate and for progress in the real estate markets in their perspective regions.

Growth In The State

The forecast for the coming year shows that if the economy stays stable and shows signs of advancing in the economic sectors, this will have a very positive effect on the commercial and business real estate markets throughout the state. Because of shortages in housing markets in certain areas this can affect the business and commercial sectors adversely.

The state has experienced a growth of 26,000 new jobs in the state for the month of January 2018 and that does spell relief for the market forecast. With unemployment down and wages increasing and lower taxes the stats show that there are favorable odds that the state real estate market can see some improvement across the board for 2018, even potentially in New York City.
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