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How to Enable Electronic Settlements

Many people are interested in stocks and shares and if you are one of them, then you need to be familiar with their each and every aspect.

A demat account is a particular type of account that permits investors to possess their shares in an electronic format. Within Demat account, stocks remain in dematerialized form. Perhaps you know that dematerialization is the procedure of transforming physical shares to electronic form.
A demat account number is crucial to enable electronic settlements of every trade. The functioning of a demat account is like a bank account, where individuals possess their money along with particular entries (performed in bank passbook).

Similarly, securities remain in electronic form and these are credited or debited accordingly. You can open a demat account without any balance of shares. You can hold a zero balance in your account.
Importance of Having a Demat Account

It is a type of burden to hold shares in physical formats, as it features lots of paperwork, long procedure, and risk of forgery shares. Therefore, for seamless and simple investing and trading, Demat account is crucial to trade in the stock exchanges in India.

Although SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has permitted trades of maximum 500 shares to be settled in physical format, however, the particular alternative is not preferable now.

A demat account possesses financial instruments’ certificates including bonds, shares, mutual funds, government securities etc. Therefore, it is involved in the procedure of transforming physical shares into electronic format and credited to the demat account of the investor.

Work Procedure of Online Demat Account

Two Depositories are there present in India. One is NSDL (National Securities Depositories Limited) and another is CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited), via whom the shares are possessed by the several depository participants. Whenever an individual purchases or sells shares, particular DP credits or debits his/her account accordingly. 

Demat Account – Advantages

Lower Risks:  Physical securities are involved with risk because of loss, thefts, or damage. Additionally, fake securities and bad deliveries cause additional risks. Such risks are completely removed through the opening of a Demat account that offers holders the choice to possess all their investments in an electronic format.

Easy Holding: Maintenance of physical certificates is a cumbersome task. Apart from that, maintenance a tracking on their performance is another responsibility. The holders of demat account can make it further suitable to possess and track of their each and every investment via a single account.

Odd Lots: For the sake of physical certificates, purchasing and selling were viable only in defined quantities. The benefits of dealing with single security or odd lots were not available as well. However, demat accounts have eliminated this problem.

Reduced Costs:  Physical certificates are associated with various additional costs including handling charges, stamp duty along with other these kinds of expenses and these additional expenses are fully eliminated with the help of Demat accounts.

Demat accounts are fuss-free, simple, and incredibly lucrative. In the present age and day, they are very significant for financial planning. Maybe you have different questions regarding demat accounts and you can resolve your queries from a highly qualified and experienced person in this field.
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