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Business Ideas: 6 Things You Can Sell Online

Are you looking for alternative sources of income or perhaps planning to establish your very own business? eCommerce may be the answer you are looking for. It’s a thriving industry that you can also easily get into in just a few easy steps, the first of which is figuring out what products and services you’re going to offer. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Asian Beauty Products
Asian women, particularly South Koreans, are known for their flawless complexions. This is largely due to their obsession and dedication to intensive skincare regimens. Most of the Western world has caught up on to their secret -- various types of cleansers and moisturizers, exfoliators, serums and ampoules, face masks, and eye creams, to name just a few. Some of these products, especially cosmetics, are readily available in some stores, but there are also some that are a bit more difficult to find. There are also several items or product variants that aren’t available in the West. Be a darling and bring these products closer to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Lapel Pins
Lapel pins are making a fashionable comeback and have yet to show signs of slowing down. There are many who love to accent their clothing with these small yet stylish accessories, while others are avid collectors of these trinkets. You’ll have to work with a manufacturer to make your own line of customized lapel pins, but the design component is all up to you; you can either create your own if you’re artistically inclined or work with designers if you’re a bit creatively challenged. A little further on, you can even work with established brands to develop pin designs based on their characters and concepts.

Clothes, Old and New
Selling your old clothes is not only easier with the help of the Internet, it’s also more profitable. Before, you only had a limited customer base who also tend to be on the thrifty side. Today, because your online store is open to virtually anyone around the world, you can now sell your old clothes at a much better price.

You can also sell customized t-shirts, blouses, and sweatshirts, among other clothing items and accessories. Again, you can either develop your own designs or collaborate with designers to create your own fashion line.

Your Skills
Speaking of working with designers, your knowledge and specialized skill sets can also become quite a valued commodity. There are various platforms where you can advertise your expertise in different fields, like creative writing, graphic design, web design and development, accounting, and even various languages. It may take quite a while to establish a credible reputation, so time is really one of your big investments here, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Photos, Videos, and Artworks
If you have an eye for photography and details, then you might be able to make money by selling your photos online. There are a lot of stock photography websites where you can upload your photos and get paid whenever someone downloads your work. And these sites are not limited to just photos nowadays; their stock content now also feature videos and artworks like illustrations and typography.

Alternatively, you can also sell prints of your photos and artworks. Just set up a gallery on your online store and let third-party suppliers handle the printing, framing (if the customer asks for it), and shipping. Partnering with these companies may also help you expand your client base.

Candies, cakes and cupcakes, chocolates, and other sweet treats and baked goods are prime candidates for selling online. There are some details that you should take into consideration like shelf-life and shipping (you don’t want your buyers to receive a smushed cake), but once you iron out these kinks, it will be a lot easier to focus on cooking and baking, and developing new products. You can also try to look for niches, like novelty or customization and holiday-themed dishes.

These suggestions barely scratch the surface of the products and services that you can sell online. In fact, you can argue that you can sell almost anything and everything with the help of the internet and some carefully applied marketing strategies. Let these ideas tickle your imagination and good luck on your future online business!
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