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Why Medical Insurance Is Very Important

Insurance by its term provides insurance. It's a service by insurance providers that agree to compensate its beneficiary for losses it has sustained. The likes are damage to property,  loss of someone, accidents, life and many more. In today's world, it's always better to have insurance and be insured in case anything happens. This is the reason why Insurance prospered because for a small fee they offer a big coverage for its beneficiaries.

One of the most popular insurance out there is medical insurance. This is because illness is very common, while it's not often that you wreck your car and use your insurance for the year, medical is different, because even if you don't want to use it, you can't control if you get sick or not and this helps greatly in covering the costs of doctor's fee, labs, surgery even confinement.

Medical expenses are costly: One of the most successful businesses around is the healthcare industry. This is because of the fact that people get sick and despite hospital fees being very expensive, people don't really have a choice but to pay it. If it's a simple check-up it's not a problem but if it's like open heart surgery, long-term management like Dialysis and even emergency treatment due to a vehicular accident or gunshot wound, the fees can hurt your wallet.

Insurance eases the burden: With a thing like medical expenses getting higher all the time it's no wonder people opt to get medical insurance. Even for the people that never really get sick all the time, the peace of mind alone knowing that whatever will happens you are covered by your insurance provider is a good reassurance already. You don't have to worry if in case something bad happens and you get to spend your savings on it.

Banks have great insurance: In case you didn't know, banks do have solid insurance programs, especially medical. Take for example the insurance offered by OCBC Bank


  1. Coverage for surgical and hospital charges
  2. 24-hour protection
  3. It's affordable
  4. Coverage for the necessary medical expenses
  5. Renewable until age 80
  6. Other than all-inclusive limit for annual and lifetime
  7. No limit for claimed amount other than  the
  8. Easy claims with Hospital Admission Assist Card approved panel of hospitals
  9. Pacific Insurance Berhad Underwritten
  10. Ages covered are Adults ages 19 - 60, children ages 30 days to 19 years or up to 23 years old for full-time students.


  1. For major medical treatments
  2. Coverage for the necessary medical expenses
  3. Renewable up to 80 years
  4. Pacific Insurance Berhad Underwritten
  5. Ages covered between 19 and 60 years
If you wish to find out the best medical insurance in Malaysia, then you need to visit OCBC. OCBC has one of the friendliest rates and provides a comprehensive medical insurance. As they say, insurance is only as good as the institution that provides it. OCBC Bank is one of the most trusted banks in Malaysia today, if you plan to get a medical insurance these are the best people to talk to about it.
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