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How to Become a League of Legends Pro Gamer and Make Millions

You can win up to $million in League of Legends world championship. Already knew it? Probably that’s why you are here. But what you do not know is that you get a share of total money according to the individual performance and the performance of your team. Still not bumped? The bigger bummer comes, that there are almost 27 million people play this game daily. An only handful number of gamers get to be professionals and get some money. If you are thinking of quitting here, do not lose hope. Every player was once a starter so; you might want to try your luck out.

In the beginning, you might need some guidance.  Here are some pro tips that have been skimmed from some professional gamers, that will surely help you out with early problems.


“Practice makes a man perfect.” This quote applies to every field of life. In the early days, you need to skip everything else and get on your computer. Practice hard. Arrange small matches. Look for different strategies. Try to learn from other people experiences too. Replay the previously played games, look for mistakes. In every situation, change your strategy. If you are unable to find any new one. Watch the bigger matches, try to pick points out from the professional players. Play Solo Queue games for the warm up, then take some time off for bathroom or food break. Then get back and have 3-4 hours of scrims. Repeat this routine for days. You can use’s boosting service too. This way you can play ranked games via another gamer’s account


League of legends is no ordinary game that you can master in no time. It requires your full dedication not just in early days, but throughout your career; you need to keep practicing, sometimes 12 to 14 hours a day. That means to eat, play and sleep. No other activity can be involved. When you are looking at your hero, you might be admiring his work, but you do not know the effort it takes to reach up to the higher point. It probably took him years and years of struggle and practice to finally achieve his goal.

     Team coordination

If you want to get in League of Legends world championship, you have got to be outstanding as a team. Here you can be amazing player individually, but it will not count as anything until you are an effective team player. You need to have great mechanics as a team. The coordination among the team should be great as well because you are going nowhere until you have it. Having good team coordination not only means that you are good mechanically but should also have a good gaming knowledge and better communication with each other.

     Get noticed

Getting yourself noticed in this amount of people is not easy to honest. You need to have some extra skill that one already has. Even having amazing skills is not enough, to get in this business, you need to prove yourself. The best way to do that is via Solo Queue. If you are doing good enough, you will be at the top, and they will know about your existence.
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