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Employees and company secrets

In any workplace, it is important to keep a line of trust between the employer and the employee, especially in cases where in these employees are dealing with company secrets which are considered confidential. Although there is of course a contract wherein these employees have signed, it being a written agreement that they will abide with everything that is stated in the contract, there is no actual way of making sure that they are.

There are of course good employees who go above and beyond the call of duty as well as bad employees who ruin the reputation of the company they are working for. Of course both these good and bad employees may well be doing their jobs well and you might not be able to tell the difference between the two but to make sure that the company secrets are kept safe; the company may subject their employees to a lie detector test. Check out liedetectortest.com to learn more on how to go about the process.

Knowing when to use it

The company might have discovered irregularities or anomalies and they don’t really know where it’s coming from. Pointing fingers and assuming culprits without real basis will give the company a bad rep with the employees and may just start an internal world war within the company. One way to discreetly identify the person/s of interest is by subjecting the employees to a lie detector test. Although optional, it gives the employees a chance to clear their names as well as lie detector tests never hurt anyone, unless that person is not telling the truth. It gives the company a chance to segregate the trustworthy employees from the shady ones without needing to point a finger or blame individuals without evidence.

Reliability issues

Of course, some employees might try and dispute the fact that lie detector tests might be unreliable and therefore the results might be inconclusive. Contrary to popular belief, polygraph tests are some of the most reliable tests there is, of course when partnered with a well-experienced examiner. These machines work only as good as the examiner operating it.
These examiners have undergone regular training and re-training every time there is an update with the procedures and systems as well as they have graduated from a polygraph school beforehand. These examiners are more than capable of operating the machine and overseeing the exam making the lie detector test a very accurate way to determine whether the employees are telling the truth or not.

Nerves got the best of you

Of course, being nervous before taking the lie detector test may just be a normal occurrence. What concerns a lot of people about to take the test is that does nervousness affect the overall results of the exam?

While being nervous will definitely show up in the readings, the exam or assessment doesn’t actually start after the individual in question is hooked to the machine. In fact, it starts way before that, from the moment the individual enters the room, the examiner is already keeping an eye out for gestures and body language that may show.

Companies who have company secrets definitely need to have their employees undergo a lie detector test to ensure them that every single one of their employees can be entrusted with the precious company secrets. 
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