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Debt is Preventable

Take a look at the world around you. Really look at the kind of life that seems so normal. People want the best of the best. They want to be one step above the person next to them. They want to be one better, to have the bigger house, the nicer car, and the greenest lawn. They want it now. The result, besides having children that think they are entitled to their every whim, is debt. The holidays are the worst time of year for this. People go into debt to make sure that everyone on their list has exactly what they want, even if is is unaffordable. They want everything now. They don’t want to wait to save up. So they run their credit card. There are ways to lower debt. There are even ways to get out of debt completely. Let’s take a look at some ways now.

What Are You Driving?

Your vehicle begins to depreciate as soon as you drive it off of the lot. It is probably one of the most expensive things that you invest in that you will never see a full return in. If you are driving a brand new car, you  can evaluate your need for it. Yes, you need it vehicle. Yes, it would be nice to have one that you feel good driving. You can lease a car instead. A leased car would give you the chance to drive a new car every couple of years. The payments are usually a lot lower. The insurance is a lot more budget friendly as well.

What Are You Spending?

There is a good chance that you could take a look at what you are spending and have gaps. Try to write down every single penny that you spend for an entire month. Leave nothing out of your records. Really look it over. You will see where you can cut back. You can look over where you are leaking money. In this way, you may be able to cut a couple hundred from your budget and apply it to your credit cards.

Where Do You Live?

Sometimes it isn’t a matter how where you live as much as it is what do you live in. Think about ways you can make your home more energy efficient. Decide if you could possibly lower your living expenses by downsizing. Tiny living has become a big thing because it lowers your overhead cost and gives you another way to put money towards paying off your debt.


Not all of us have the ability to own our own companies. There are ways where we can cut back on business expenses, employee payroll, and of course utilities for our building. In some cases, we could cut overhead by moving building or petitioning for a lowering of rent. Cost sharing with other companies by subletting part of your space may also be an option. For additional resources  about lowering business costs, you should talk to your financial advisor. They are usually a wealth of information when it comes to shaving off business cost.
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