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Why being a good sport is important in business

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from successful sportspeople. By emulating the dedication, ambition, energy and determination that helps athletes to rise to the top, business people stand a better chance of achieving their goals. There’s also another important and perhaps less obvious quality that entrepreneurs can benefit from aspiring to - and that’s being a good sport.

There are plenty of examples of athletes behaving gracefully after suffering difficult losses. One that was picked up on in a blog post by marketing experts Appco Group involved tennis player Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard’s last Wimbledon campaign was brought to an unexpected halt as he crashed out in the fourth round after being defeated by the lower ranked Gilles Muller from Luxembourg. Although the sporting superstar was no doubt devastated to exit the tournament, he showed impressive sportsmanship and credited his rival with being the better player on the day. He also made sure to congratulate Muller.

Maintaining positive energy
Appco points out that being able to take defeats with professionalism and good grace can play an important role in helping sportspeople to maintain their positive energy. This is something that can benefit those in business too. Being able to stay upbeat in the face of good and bad outcomes is important for entrepreneurs, especially those working in the sales industry. It helps them to see the bigger picture and not get weighed down by any small problems that arise.

Keeping a cool head
Being a good sport also helps both sportspeople and entrepreneurs to keep a cool head, Appco notes. For example, if a tennis player was to get too worked up over an umpiring decision they didn’t agree with, their game would probably suffer. Similarly, if business people become preoccupied with ideas that don’t work out or other setbacks, they can waste a lot of energy that could otherwise be spent learning from the experiences and becoming more effective.

Good business sense
Showing good sportsmanship is also important for athletes because it helps them to earn respect among the public and their opponents. In the same way, behaving graciously in business can help entrepreneurs to ensure that they are viewed positively. According to Appco UK, treating each person as though they are a customer or may become one in the future by behaving with good grace towards them makes business sense. It leaves a good impression that helps entrepreneurs to get other people on their side.
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