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What to store in storage units? – Dos and don’ts

Even though storage is the best way to get all things that you don’t need out of your apartment or house, there are some things that you should know about forbidden stuff and items. Consider what to store in storage units, you have to think about all things that are not safe to use in public place and hazardous materials.

When you plan what to store, you should know that storage units are also considered as public places. Therefore, you don’t want for sure valuables to fall because you entered something that is not allowed and violated numerous regulations.

That is why we are going to present you what you can store in storage units:

Toxic Materials and Dangerous Chemicals

There are some things that you just cannot put in storage because of its extreme conditions. Storage units Huntington Beach contain air conditioning and humid regulations, but still,some things are flammable, combustible, hazardous and toxic that you cannot store. 

That includes kerosene, compressed gas, motor oil, lamp, grease, corrosives, acid, fertilizer, cleaners, paint, narcotics, chemicals, propane tanks, toxic waste, biological waste, products that contain asbestos and asbestos itself.


Storage units are not designed for you to keep your arsenal, and most storage facilities won’t even give you the possibility to store fireworks that are considered as explosive. You cannot save both ammunition and weapons, primarily explosives and other threatening weapons that are prohibited by terms of use policy.

Vehicles and Tires

You have to understand that you cannot store cars that are not insured, registered and operational. Most companies will not allow you to save more than four tires in storage units because it is expensive to dispose of them in case that you leave all your items or in fact that you don’t pay rent.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Even though, people who are sales representatives and have various medical equipment and supplies that they want to sell, so they can easily store that in storage. However, in case that you want to store hazardous elements, radioactive equipment and other things that could be dangerous which means that it is forbidden. 

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment is available to store in more extensive facilities. However, some items won’t fit in space that you want to rent. There is some surveying equipment that you cannot store even in more extensive facilities such as geophysical instruments that investigate underground waters or groundwater.

Perishable Food

Most food cannot be stored in facilities without thinking on climate control. However, canned foods are allowed in climate controlled units, but you won’t be able to store dairy products, meat, cereals or any produce. Also, you don’t have to do it because it is dangerous and it can attract different kinds of pests.


All other stuff that we didn’t mention are allowed, but of course, some storage companies maybe have their own rules and policies, so you have to find out about forbidden items before you start packing.
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