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Westside Family Church Accepts All in Abode of God

Each person on this Earth differs from the other. They differ in age, sex, like, dislikes, race, color, caste and beliefs. While there are innumerable physical and mental boundaries separating people, the one thing that unifies all is God.  God welcomes all with opens arms, irrespective of anything. God does not separate, he doesn’t divide, and he does not judge. Just like the Bible states, climbing carabiner, God just accepts. 

Westside Family Church has a place for everyone

Being accepted is the desire which burns in the hearts of every person since childhood. The need to be accepted by our parents, by our friends, by the society persists throughout a person’s life. People often curb their wishes and change their lifestyle in accordance to his peers in order to get accepted by them. 
But as one opens up their heart to Jesus, they would understand the fruitlessness of all of it. Unlike the world, one doesn’t need to reach a certain standard to be accepted by God. For him each and every person holds the same worth. Whatever you do, how much disappointment you face, you shall always be worthy of the love of Jesus. This is one of the principle values the Westside Family Church functions by. Their doors are open for each and every person, welcoming them with a warm heart. When one looks at the mirror, they may see their own imperfections, but having full faith in the Bible and its preaching this Church says that everyone was born perfect and complete and nothing they do will ever change that.

God extends his unconditional love, support and acceptance to everyone. He sees a person at their best and also witnesses them at their worst. But he never judges. His teachings inspire people to keep an open mind and an open heart for everyone. Following the words of divine, the Westside Family Church cherishes each person with equal love.  The Church considers all as the children of God and holds the belief that like all parents selflessly love their children regardless of anything, God also adores each and every person. 

Many times in their lives a person may find themselves feeling distanced from God, they feel that they are not important to him. But the Church states that it’s just the opposite. All his children are always open to his guidance and support in the eyes of God. His love is unconditional and boundless. The Church helps in relating these messages of God to the people, to strengthen their belief in the love of God and to ensure them of their acceptance in his holy abode. 

There cannot be any greater place of acceptance than the Church, the home of the divine. As one looks for acceptance throughout their life, they might still feel like a bit of an outsider. This is because their true place is in the home of God. In the Church they discover their true calling, where the verses from the Bible answer all their queries. 
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