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The top 9 International Fishing Spots for Travel

People who love fishing should take adventurers vacations to explore their fishing skills. Fishing away from home will give you best memories and unique enjoyment including delicious meals after outings. The world is full of streams, rivers, lakes, and sea waters where you can visit all year round. The spots will relieve you of boredom of fishing in a single niche. Visiting places offer you a variety regarding fish species and fishing methods. Therefore, prepare your fishing gadgets, study your fishing guide, and got places. Here are the lists;

1.      Giant black marlin, Cairns, Australia

At this fishing spot, you will get exposed to the Great Rift Barrier Reef of Australia where if you have your snorkeling mask you will be able to discover Nemo. However, it needs a healthy cookie to land a legend. The large marlin species is best great catch with its 750-kilogram weight. The fish can also swim a distance of 130 kilometers per hour calling for hardened fishermen types. You will even come face to face with the 250-kilometer stretch amid Lizards Islands and Cairns which are the recognized locations to hook. Expeditors will too experience catching the big black marlin which you cannot compare to any place around the world. The marlin period starts from early September towards the end of December. You won’t regret visiting Giant black marlin water.

2.      Lough Corrib, Connemara, Ireland

The month of May is the best period of the year to visit Lough Corrib. The month is favorite for red-fleshed Corrib trout fish. Many people especially anglers’ plan a visit to this place making it a festive period. The visitors do their dapping. In fact, Oughterard had a school named Mayfly week. The expeditors hook live mayfly before suspending it for fish on waters. Many hungry trout becomes the victim of the visitors. Several students also leave classes empty to visit the place for catching hatch flies which they sell to anglers. In fact, the school administrations give the students’ holiday in the season to respond to the occasion. Here you can reside at Corrib Wave Guesthouse which is also fun.

3.      Goliath tigerfish, Congo River Basin

You will not hesitate to visit this Congo River Basin due to its goliath tigerfish species. The creature has high temper and as well as threatening toothy brute. It is the African fish that resembles piranha of the deep seas. This wild fish is hard catching giving anglers long day battles. Goliath tigerfish is having a history of killing humans as well as mauling birds flying over their territory.Visitors enjoy the challenges faced while chasing this dangerous creature hence an enjoyable experience.

4.      Salmon, Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia

The place is a unique an aurora borealis, snow, and reindeer winter season location of the world. Situated in the Arctic, this scene morphs into paradise when May spring season bursts. Salmon species are common fly fish for visitors along the 123-kilometer distance river Umba. You will catch the fattest salmon ever around the globe. Since the river provides a flow of five runs of salmon fish that makes it jumped with anglers around the world. The fishing goes sturdy and fun. When you aim to catch large species, you should have a good spinning reel. The best period runs from May to October where you find and throw back your catch. Visiting the place will give you a solitude taste.

5.      River Wye, Monsal Head, Derbyshire

Without a doubt, individuals who knew or have once paid a visit to this fishing spot will give it number one in England. It meanders its way passing through a narrow and deep gorge. It is one excellent place to visit during the early summer periods. You can have your catch from the bank to the wild brownie that rise in the mornings.  When sunlight comes, the red spots flank flashing above. In the evening, you can end your beautiful day by emerging from the darkening valley. You will go through vertiginous winding route where you will enjoy the scene of Monsal Head Hotel. Accommodations and resorts around are beautiful to your satisfaction.

6.      River Lochy, Queenstown, New Zealand

It is the self-proclaimed adrenalin game center of the globe. Fly fishing is most popular at the river Lochy. Visitors can access Lochy River by using a bought through Lake Wakatipu. On the other hand, they can also board a helicopter. To your satisfaction, you will shelter beneath tree shades as well as transparent water located behind the rocks. These sheltering places run through the Eyre Mountains. The fish rainbow trout and the wild brown develop to great sizes; however, they remain extraordinarily unease. You should check for River Lochy when you visit New Zealand for fishing vacations.

7.      Squid, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Visiting and fishing to this place is unforgettable. You will find junks ply at the jade green waters which you will enjoy in nights. Anglers will be catching the slippery little cephalopods that are used to cook squid sausage. Fishers will use a bamboo rod, a lamp, and net to lure squid on the surface. Surely, you will have romantic expedition.

8.      Tusket River, Nova Scotia, Canada

Experienced anglers will enjoy wild moose and trout fishing at this spot. The Tusket River flows in the Tobeatic forests which hide the moose and black bear. You will experience modeled accommodation in the beautiful hunting lodges such as Trout Point Lodge. With your spot fishing gadgets, you will be in a position to engulf the joyful nature of the place.

9.      Brown trout, Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

All visitors appreciate Brown trout for its abundance of trout fishing. It boasts of the best sea where anglers can fully experience the catch. One can pull out an 11-kilogram brown trout fish. Fishers visits this place due to it trout no matter its end on earth location.
All anglers should try to visit most of these several places that are exposed to you to help you accumulate vast fishing experience. You will interact with other fishers and modern sport and fly fishing technologies. You will live to share the sites’ discoveries.
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