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How to assess the skill of a candidate in the recruitment process

With the increasing job vacancy and unemployment traits, it is difficult to choose the right candidates for the job. The skill, knowledge and IQ level varies from a person to person. Hence, most of the organizations focus on the psychometric test to reduce their efforts in choosing the best candidate for their job. The psychometric test is used to predict if a candidate best suits the job.

The psychometric test is essential in collecting the samples of real behaviour from a candidate.  DB level exercises are almost used in the recruitment process of all the organization.  It is, in fact, that type of psychological assessment which is used to assess the behaviour of a candidate.

Here are some of the categories of the behavioural exercises. Numeric aptitude, Logical reasoning, puzzles and English sections are some of the most common types of ability test used to identify the Mathematical knowledge of a person.
  • Group exercise-In the group exercise, a candidate will be given the kind of scenario which will be performed by all the candidates together.  Working as a team is very important in the corporate culture.  By implementing such kind of group exercises in the organizations, the recruiter will be able to access the team and leadership quality of a candidate.  It is important to implement group exercises in the recruitment process.
  • Presentation exercises-These kinds of exercises are used to evaluate the individuality of a candidate. Sales assessment test questions can be used as a presentation topic to evaluate the sales skill of a person.
  • Role play-It is a type of the psychometric assessment used to the candidate is able to handle the current situations mechanical be given a situation. Candidate needs to act a role in such situation without any hassle if we have handled the situation appropriately they might be the best candidate with external skills.
  • Inbox Exercises-Intray is a kind of behavioural exercise used to assess the personality traits of a candidate. In case of Inbox exercises, a candidate will be given the real-life activities. Candidates will be able to involve in such activities with utmost care. He should meet the recruitments of a recruiter who fix some standard way of solving the real-time activities. Inbox exercise is a perfect tool.
  • Interview-The behavioural interview is one of the most common interviews to evaluate the behaviour and personality traits of a candidate. It is a proven interview technique which relies on candidate giving real life activities where they have to show their extraordinary skills in short time.
  • Port Folio analysis-PortFolio analysis is just used to analysis the past work experience of a candidate. The recruiter will be able to get more details about a candidate by analysing their entire portfolio. Also, he will be able to predict which is his basic interest, what he loves the most, etc.
The group exercise, Interview, Group Discussion, intrays are just a few of the basic interview process. They are the must-try interview techniques in the recruiting process of any organizations.
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