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What to do after motorcycle accident – How to file a claim?

Motorcycle accidents can cause some kind of devastating issues, especially because motorcyclist have don't wear too much protection on their bodies as truck drivers and car drivers. Serious accidents can cause and lead to severe and problematic injuries that may result in pain, suffering, loss of income and expensive hospital bills.  

In case that you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to file an injury claim against fault party and insurance company so that you can get compensation for all damages that happened and occurred. 

We decided to present you all relevant steps that you have to do in order to make a succesfull claim for a motorcycle accident. 

Gather information of the scene 

It is important to gather all relevant information with another driver, such as his/her's name, insurance information and contact information. It is very important to get the name of the insurance company because that company is responsible for paying your compensation. You can also gather information about all people that were around during the accident. 

Report the incident to insurance company 

Have in mind that accident has to be reported to the insurance company, which will work with other company of a faulty person. You have to include all information such as contact and names of other drivers that were involved, information of date, location and vehicles that were involved, too. 

The insurance company will obtain a state where you describe how it happens as well as details of injuries and all medical treatment that you have received.  

It is important to contact motorcycle accident lawyer before you decide to give a statement because all information you say can be and will be used against you. A lawyer can advise what to say and which information are the best to provide in order to get acclaim.  

Remember to keep all records of accident 

You have to make sure that you keep all documentation that is related to your injuries and accident. This includes accident report, medical bills, hospital records and all receipts; in the same time, you have to keep also receipts for motorcycle repair and other expenses that were caused by accident. These documents are important in order to provide your accident claim. 

Negotiate a settlement 

When you provide all relevant information on the accident, it is important to search for a settlement o all personal injuries that you have suffered. You can either receive a claim denial or settlement offer. All insurance companies will provide you offer, but you don't have to accept the amount. 

Have your attorney be with you and negotiate the amount and search for a higher settlement in order to cover all damages. The attorney will help you determine the compensation and negotiate on your behalf. If the insurance company denies your claim, you have to take an action and file a lawsuit. 


We have presented you with tips on how to manage accident settlement. As you could see from above, it is important to have an attorney by your side who can provide you with all relevant information, and fight for your compensation. 
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