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What is a Plan for Shared Parental Care

The Plan on Joint Parental Care is a written agreement by which parents agreed to jointly exercise parental care after cessation of a common life.Jeffrey criminal Lawyer toronto will give you all the details now.

The Plan on Joint Parental Care contains:
Place and address of the child's residence
The time that a child will spend with each parent

A way of exchanging information regarding the granting of consent and consent in making important decisions for the child and the exchange of important information about the child
The amount of maintenance as the obligation of the parent where the child does not reside

The way in which future issues will be addressed

Arrangement and other issues that parents consider important for the child.
The plan can be drawn up independently, during mandatory counseling or during family mediation. The plan may be proposed to the court for verification and approval, in order to obtain the status of the enforcement document.

A joint exercise of parental care can also be regulated by a court decision based on a parent's agreement.

In case of non-agreement, the court decides on parental care, determines the opinion of the child, and appoints a child's special guardian who will represent the child in the marriage divorce law. A special guardian is appointed as a person employed in the Special Custodial Center.

The jurisdiction of the court and the center for social care is according to the place of the last common place of residence or the place of the spouses.
Compulsory counseling and family mediation are free.
Family mediation outside the social welfare system is paid.

The form of the Joint Parental Care Plan is available on the website of the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy

Form of the plan for joint parental care. 
Independent parental care

One parent exercises self-care parental care if parents have not reached a plan for joint parental care or an agreement during court proceedings.

Independent parental care must be in line with the child's well-being.

Independent parental care can be completely, partially or in relation to deciding on a particular child-related issue while at the same time restricting the other parent to parental care in that part, only on the basis of a court decision.

A parent whose right to parental care is limited is entitled to a personal relationship with the child, and the right to make daily decisions during personal relationships, a decision to take necessary actions in the event of an imminent danger to the child, and the right to information about essential circumstances related to personal rights of the child.

These rights may be restricted or confiscated only by a court decision if this is necessary for the protection of the child's well-being.
One parent continues to exercise parental care individually without a court decision, if the other parent has died or is pronounced dead.

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