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Role of HR in Business Consultation and Management- Emile Haddad Seattle Speaks

Human Resource- a typically creative and confusing field in the corporate and labor firms has come a long way to make its recognition in the industry and finally gaining some prominence. It has been already more than three and a half decades, the particular discipline has been given its due recognition, and hence there are very few companies nowadays who do not have an HR department irrespective of the area they serve. Resource allocation is the key force in carrying out the job accordingly, and hence most of the forms must have their resource allocation strategies set.

Talent requisition has been an area of concern for these companies as well hence it requires some leadership development initiatives as well. Emile Haddad Seattle , who has not only been into business consultation and HR management strategy for few years, believes that there are three key steps that form the frontier for the department. The first thing that has been realized is HR needs to be much more strategic, and this strategy making is much different than the regular strategies in running a business. And there’s some involvement of the management as well in making the HR department much abler.
The modern-day business consultation firms who help their clients out with these hiring and skill requisition techniques have identified the change in trend. Earlier it was the designation that looked for a candidate. For example, a company looked for a Manager or a Supervisor. But nowadays, the designation is being designed based on the skills and qualification of the candidate. Nowadays, the requirement of the candidate is being shown through a PowerPoint presentation where there are multiple charts and frameworks drawn.
It is then followed by a detailed explanation from the Manager who comes up with the strategy of using the particular candidate. It is the value proposition of the candidate in the market which is being aimed at in matching the profile of the candidate. Even the companies have upgraded themselves and carried a detailed understanding of the current product market strategy than the labor market strategy which has actually helped them in talent requisition and hiring new resources.
The first and foremost objective of HR is to come up with talent management strategies which are completely in sync with the company’s own management strategies. When one of these strategies works out brilliantly, and the company realizes it, it at times turns out to be the heart of the business model for the entire company. Now, adaptability is another keyword that needs to be realized by the HR department. As time progresses, there are changes in the market trends, and hence new strategies have to design. Before the formal process of change starts, Emile Haddad Seattle believes it is the mindset of accepting the change that makes the difference. Managing the informal organization is the hardest of all tasks, and only an efficient HR department can play the key role in turning it out to be a grand success.
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