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Know the importance of buying health insurance before you turn 30

Young people love and live life with enthusiasm and joy. They have just begun a journey of self independence and growth, and are learning to achieve their dreams. With confident steps they navigate their professional and personal lives; depending upon their own acumen to get things done and achieve success.

Yet, most of them will turn to mentors, gurus, bosses, colleagues and parents for all kinds of advices. Apart from tips to be successful, there is one advice they will receive at all times – buy online health insurance.

If the person is not yet 30, the advice may sometimes seem far-fetched and can lead to the question, “What will I do with health insurance?” In this post, we are answering this very question.
  1. Illnesses are not age-related – An illness does not bother about the age of a person before striking. It can happen to anyone, at any time. Having a medical insurance is a great way to be prepared for minor as well as major illnesses. Most insurance policies cover hospital stays, medicine expenditures, doctor visits and fees, etc.
  2. The premium is lower – The premium charged by health insurance companies is lower for people below the age of 30 as compared to the premium charged for the elderly. This allows the insured to buy a policy with a wider coverage.
  3. Easier to get a policy – A medical policy is given after a few tests are conducted to rule out presence of diseases. There are fewer chances for a younger person to have a disease, and hence, they will clear the tests and get the insurance. On the other hand, if there is a disease, these tests will catch the disease at their initial stages and allow a person to seek timely treatment.
  4. Hospitals across the country are covered – Unfortunately, a tragedy also does not look at age, time or place. A medical insurance covers hospitals and nursing homes across the country. In this way, even if a person is travelling to another city for business or leisure, they can be admitted to hospitals associated with their health insurance, without worrying about bills and begin treatment without delay.
  5. Start treatment without payment –A medical insurance ensures admission to different hospitals without having to make any payment to get a treatment started as the insurance card will suffice. At the time of the procedure, a family might not have the funds to pay off the fees and bills. A health insurance policy allows them to focus on the patient’s recovery and not worry about health bills.
Before rushing out to buy a insurance policy, remember to compare health insurance policies of different insurers. Go online and check the diseases covered, the tenure, the premium charged, hospitals associated with the insurer, etc. Instead of going to individual websites, use an aggregator website to compare and check. A thorough check should be undertaken for the purchase of health insurance, even by people who are not yet 30.
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