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The Importance of Phone Calls for Your Business

Prompt answering of the telephones at your business is vital to creating a good customer experience; more than simply keeping the customer from waiting a long time to talk to someone, when his or her call is answered in a timely fashion, he or she feels important and will believe that your business has it all together and under control.

But what are businesses that are too small to hire someone dedicated only to answering the phones to do? It's possible that maybe your company recently lost a receptionist and is looking to replace him or her but hasn't found the right person for the job. Whatever your individual situation, it's important to have someone competent answering the phones for a number of reasons.

Set the Tone

When a customer calls your business, the tone for all interactions going forward is set by his or her experience with the person who answers his or her call. It's up to you as the business owner to hire someone professional and courteous who will address all of the needs that the customer has. There is a lot riding on this first contact and on every conversation in the future; if your receptionist doesn't do a good job handling himself or herself professionally, you can easily lose a customer.

Even if the customer calling has been doing business with your company for a while, the importance of a skilled and friendly person answering the phone cannot be overstated. It's imperative that whoever answers your phones can think on his or her feet to handle any problems, remains level-headed when a customer is upset, and is able to competently relay any questions, problems, or concerns to the correct employee.

Complex Problems Are Easy to Sort Out

With so many people relying on email to communicate these days, many business owners wonder if telephones are that important to the success of their companies. One thing to consider is that customers who have problems usually want to speak to somebody immediately to try to get them resolved.

Emails can go unanswered for long periods of time, which will only add to a customer's frustration. Over the phone, problems can usually be solved quickly while the same issue may take multiple emails back and forth to get sorted out.

Beat the Competition

There will always be competition for your business and that's a good thing. If you are doing something well, it will really give you the opportunity to shine. One thing that customers love is when businesses pick up the phone immediately. Being able to talk to a human rather than push buttons for an automated system is a relief to people of all ages.

If your competition isn't picking up their phones, then that will give you an immediate edge over them. Make sure that how you answer the phone and interact with the customer keeps that edge!

Deal with Urgent Problems

People who have urgent problems are much less likely to email the company than they are to call about them. They want their problems taken care of quickly, no matter if it's an issue with billing, a question about a new product, or even just a desire to learn more about what you offer. Being able to interact with customers quickly, deal with their issues or requests, and move on to the next one is a great benefit of working over the phone.

Hiring Out Help

As mentioned, you may not have someone who is dedicated to answering the phones. This shouldn't stop you from providing the same level of customer service that other companies do, especially when you can easily hireout a phone service. There are companies whose main job is to provide a message-taking service. They will answer any phone calls that come into your company, speak to the customer, take a message, and give it to the point of contact for your business.

Hiring a company such as Message-Direct to perform this service is a great way to take care of your customers and give them the great service that they need without having to go through the hassle of hiring and training someone on how to correctly answer your phones. Training someone on correct phone etiquette can be time-consuming but outsourcing your phones to a company that has already made the investment in their staff allows you to enjoy their hard work without spending the time and money yourself.

Message Delivery

When you hire a phone service company, there will be a few ways that you can have your messages delivered to you. They can be sent to you via email, fax, or text message. For businesses with only a few people working or one in which you are out of the office for most of the day, having your messages texted to you will allow you to receive them immediately and also get back to the customer quickly. Your customers will never know that they are talking to someone outside of your company, especially when you make it a priority to quickly return any calls that you get.

Stop Worrying When You're Busy

Another great perk of using a telephone answering service is that they can help with overflow calls during your busy times. It can be expensive to hire a receptionist for varying hours and most people want a set schedule, not one that constantly changes. Using a telephone answering service to help with extra phone calls that you can't answer yourself will allow you to help customers when you can while making sure that the others are taken care of and not left to deal with an answering machine.

How you handle your phones and the customers that call in for help can make a difference in the amount of repeat business your company has as well as make sure that you have a great reputation for being available. Taking time to train employees on correct phone etiquette is important but even more vital than that is making sure that your calls are always answered. If you are unable to do it yourself, hiring help from an outside company is a smart move.
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