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Singapore has become a global hotspot for ICOs

Crypto currency was once thought to be a bit of a fad, and many believed it was going to disappear – pretty much stealing any early investors money along the way – and would have no real relevancy 3 to 5 years after it exploded onto the scene.

Those of same kinds of things that we heard about the internet, and both “predictions” turned out to be about as far away from the truth as possible.

Today, crypto currencies like BitCoin have exploded in value in a way that no one could have really expected or anticipated. Just five short years ago, it was possible to pick up a single BitCoin for around a dollar a coin or so. You’d be lucky to get your hands on that same individual BitCoin for any less than $3500, and the value keeps continuing to climb aggressively.

And while BitCoin definitely has a head start on the other crypto currency options available on the market today, the truth of the matter is that the fundamental technology behind these crypto currencies – blockchain – continues to allow new operators and new organizations to unleash their own crypto currency options, all while taking advantage of the security, encryption, and “permanency” that blockchain brings to the digital world.

This has led to a number of organizations unveiling their own crypto currency operation, and many of them are releasing Initial Coin Offerings the same way that companies release Initial Public Offerings for the stock that they make available.

Singapore has really started to become a hotbed for these kinds of ICOs, which is easy to understand when you realize just how stable, just how secure, and just how forward thinking the banking and financial industry of Singapore is and always has been.

On top of that, the startup culture that permeates most every aspect of the Singapore economy today is another real driver of why so many companies are looking to unveil their ICO here in Singapore versus anywhere else, including New York City (the traditional home of “big” public offerings to the global community).

Stability and security of Singapore banking lends confidence to ICOs

Right out of the gate, the stability, the security, and confidence that the Singapore banking and financial community has on the global scene lends a tremendous amount of confidence to each individual ICO being made available in Singapore.

This benefit cannot be overstated.

People are still little bit skeptical about everything that crypto currency technology brings to the table, but people are also incredibly excited about taking advantage of the new opportunities that this investment vehicle may provide.

Without the stability and the security of the Singapore banking and financial community most folks would be more than a little bit leery about diving in with both feet. But because they see these kinds of offerings supported – and sometimes even invested in – by major Singapore organizations in the banking and financial community, they feel a lot more at ease about making the same kinds of decisions themselves.

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