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Ship Your Parcel to Australia at Very Affordable Prices

Exporting Parcels to Australia from UK has been an expensive and time-consuming task that requires a lot of ups and downs to be successfully accomplished. But through the coming of the international parcel delivery services provider, everything has been made quick, cheap and safe. People can now send their parcels to Australia and be assured of their timely and safe delivery because of the improved and modernised way of parcel handling and shipping that courier point offers.

Simplified and Convenient

When you want to send a parcel to Australia, you should start by looking at the price of your parcel shipping on the website. This is easy and a one-minute thing since you just need to fill the details of your package and a free quote would be generated. There are myriad of shipping services available, and they are all reliable and trustworthy, it is only the delivery speed that differs. All their courier vessels are well made to offer safe storage services by protecting your parcels from all hazards so that they reach safely.

Benefits of Using the Courier Point Parcel Service

There are no VAT charges that are imposed on the client which means you would ship your parcel with less compared to other shipping services providers. You can either include doorstep delivery or go and collect it at the delivery point. Remember doorstep delivery comes with an extra small charge. The company is insured so your goods would be under free transit cover making you to get full compensation in the event that damages occur. All their prices are always down and tethered to strong discounts that would relieve you from spending hefty amounts on shipping your parcel to Australia.

Excellent Customer Care Support

International parcel delivery service provider ensures that you can track your shipped parcel so that you know when you can collect it or expect it. You just need to put the way bill number after the goods have been collected by the driver. Drivers normally collect the goods between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm for shipping. There is a phone number that you can call to inquire directly about the progress of the shipping. On delivery, you would be notified so that you take the necessary action and collect your goods.

Parcels are always well packed to ensure that they don’t get damaged when on transit so you would receive them in very good condition. Courier point is a reputable company that has provided international parcel shipping services for long and many people trust it. You can check at the reviews from previously served customers to be sure of their services.
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