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Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defence Lawyer In Mississauga!

The internet has made it easier to find an attorney to represent you before the judge. However, your verdict to acquit or imprison depends on how well your lawyer puts forth the argument. Hence, you need to be sure that the lawyer you hire from passi & patel law firm does a good job for you. So, when you are being pressed with certain charges, you might be in great emotional turmoil.

The next obvious step is to hire a lawyer who can bail you and defend your case. But, instead of rushing through the process, you need to ask a few questions to be sure that you are hiring the right person.

Question 1) Are you experienced in handling cases like these?

It is possible that a lawyer can pick up any case and present to the court. However, at this juncture, you will want only an expert who can help you with your case. You will certainly not someone who has never handled a case like yours. Hence, you need to be extremely clear with the criminal law firm and ask if they have any professional who has the expertise in handling something grave or critical like your situation. Only then you stand a chance of winning and coming free.

Question 2) How good are you with jury trials?
There is a way of working with the judge, but when it comes to the jury, one needs to adopt a methodology that works on the group psychology. Hence, you will need someone who comes with the experience and understanding to work on the jury. Such things do not come from just the books but from the experience. Hence, you will have to ask the criminal lawyers about his or her work till date with the jury.

Question 3) Are you good with plea agreements?
There are times when you know that there is nothing that you can do to come out of the ruckus. If you have actually committed the crime then you need to be ready for the punishment. However, it is the criminal defence lawyer who will help you with different solutions. For instance, there can be out of the court settlements or lesser punishment etc. Only a good lawyer will update you with the real condition of the case and help you with the same.

Question 4) How will you charge the fee?
It is important for you to know about the service charges. While some lawyers charge on the session basis, some would come with monthly payments. Unless you have the clarity, you will not find it feasible to work with the criminal defence lawyer in Mississauga. Besides, you need to be financially ready too. It is not just the lawyer charges but also the court penalties that you need to be equipped with. So, it is best to be clear on the lawyer charges right from the beginning.

Question 5) Would you comfortable sharing your previous client's references?
It is not that you would want to encroach upon the privacy but, you might be interested in verifying the efficiency of the lawyer. Hence, you need to share your concern with him and ask politely if he can help you with successful case references. Until you are sure and confident about the lawyer, you will never be able to work ahead with the law firm.

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