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Know Your Metrics Well Before Hunting for Success Blindly

It is true that people get tired hunting for success every single day, and especially the business owners who are thirsty for success run madly after it before even knowing that it lies right next to them. So just like any business goal or objective that you keep aiming for, make sure you keep your success measured and monitored closely. The first question that Steve Silvers asks in any of his grooming session to the budding professionals or entrepreneurs is, are they aware of the benchmarks that will define success? His years of experience with some of the renowned brands have taught him, that one must only head towards excellence. Success is bound to follow.

It is just business figures that run in the heads of businessmen and in the mayhem of numbers; they forget to pay attention to minute details that actually might make difference. It is true that numbers are the ultimate parameters that will define your success, but there are several other key indicators as well. So Steve Silvers believe that taking a look at these success metrics will help all know what they should consider and what not.
Customer Satisfaction Score, an essential parameter and it must not be limited to any one function or service at all. Instead, it is all the areas that must be covered within the organization to find out whether the expected rate of satisfaction within the customers are being achieved or not, and that too within the fixed time frame. While measuring this, one might even find the areas of inefficiencies within the business getting exposed in front of them, and hence can start working on it.
Now, with the customers being satisfied, as a business owner, you must turn your head towards the employee satisfaction rate. The management is the key force who will be doing this, and since there are several HR policies that keep rotating round the year, the employee satisfaction keeps changing time to time. You must realize that your entire operation depends on the performance of your employees and hence turning your back towards them might not be the wisest decision that you have taken.
Now, let’s turn our head towards the finance part of your business. Have you ever calculated the cost you need to bear to just acquire one customer from the market? If you haven’t just started taking a look at all the expenses within a specific time frame, and see whether your profit is proportional to the expenses that are being made or not. It is quite obvious that the leaner your organization runs, the more you can afford in spending against one customer. So make sure you have the calculations going on at every single step.
Churn rate might be the last, but definitely not the least of all parameters. Churn rate defines the customers a business has lost in one financial year which means the investments that have gone for waste. More the churn rate, critical is the condition of your company. So make sure you know well these metrics before analyzing the business.
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