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How should Aptitude test be the first of the interview process?

Nowadays, it is common to see a student who was writing the resume and day dreaming about the first job. The aptitude test is essential in hiring the potential candidate because it is the necessary and important test to measure the skills and technical ability of a candidate. A few decades back, companies recruit the candidate using the interview.

As many students will be participating in the interview, it is much difficult for the organization to interview in short time. In fact, when the company conducts face to face interview with the candidates, it will take more than a day or two or even a week. But these things are no longer available now.

With the development of new technologies, online aptitude software is more prevalent in the industries. When the recruiter views the resume, they can get to know only 10% of the employee. Besides, they can get to know how much they scored, where they finished their graduate, how much they scored in mathematics and something like that. But, it is not enough for the employee to test your entire skills.

Hence, software companies have established the aptitude and reasoning test to measure the arithmetic ability of a candidate. This aptitude test has some standardized set of methods, and there are different types of aptitude test. However, all the aptitude test will measure the logical ability of a student. If a student got more marks in their graduation, they might score well in the technical skill. But, it is difficult for them to crack the aptitude test.

 For that, they probably go to some coaching centre and get trained with the experienced trainers. As soon as they completed the aptitude coaching, they can be able to crack the aptitude test. But, it is not the case for everyone because they might lack in arithmetic ability.

If a student lacks in mathematics ability, then it will not be easy for them to work. So, they have conducted aptitude tests for hiring the candidate. If a candidate passed the knowledge test, then they can be willing to work and tackle the issues in the workplace. Hence, an aptitude test is important in hiring process irrespective of the types and profile of the company.

The business people are often spending a lot of time for hiring a qualified candidate. They might analyse the resume, conduct interview and so on. But, if they did the aptitude test, they will be able to screen the right candidate within an hour. In fact, they do not need to waste their precious time on hiring a qualified candidate.

When you arrange an interview for the testing post, there are more than 500 candidates that will be participating in the event. However, the vacancy might be one or two. In that case, try to conduct aptitude as the first part of the interview process. If so, more likely 300 candidates will be eliminated. Out of 200, you can hire one or two using face to face interview. provider.
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