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Have fun cum fitness with Inflatable-Zone Airtrack and Water ball

In this crazy and fast going life, there are hundreds of people suffering from bad habits and bad effects on health. And the worst things are that they ignore them. Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and the irritation these are the common problems, when the body feels under attacks.

This is because each one running away from healthy activities in daily life. Most of all we compromise with health for wealth.

It is not?

Fortunately, the sports and the physical activity can help to recover our body, mind and moos from all these and such other harmful activities. Good Physical activities such as Aerobic Exercise, Water Sports, and zorbing reduce the chances to suffer. The Inflatable airtrack, water ball can be useful to recover. Below are the few health friendly products listed below…

Airtrack: The air track is very common equipment for fitness center, gym or in school. It helps to Athletes for practice, it uses to practice perfect move. The using of Airtrack reduces the chances of getting hurt or seriously injured.

Inflatable-zone air track specification

Size: The air track gymnastics available in several sizes i.e. 3*0.9m to 6*2*0.2m in PVC.

Colors: The Inflatable-zone airtrack available in two colors Blue, and Pink. As the blue color indicates male choice and the pink is female’s favorite color. You can choose as your gender choice or what you personally like.

Age Recommendation: Although, here are no any benchmarks about to use on an air track, but it is safe to avoid under age five years. It is highly recommended that the age must above five years for use Inflatable air track at home, school or Aerobic exercise center.

Inflatable-zone Water Balls

Since 1998, more than 50 countries around the world allow the water balls from since 1998. A water ball or also known as the “water walking ball” is a large hot-air balloon or bubble that makes possible to walk across the surface of a body of water, but you must have to inside the ball, for walking poles.

 In shape it is similar to the zorb.  Beautiful Color Inflatable Water Walking Ball that bounces on water surface smoothly makes you stress free, reduce the Anxiety, and give refreshment.

Okey, for more instance you can check Inflatable 
Water Balls properties below…

Color: You have not to compromise with colors, Full Color, Colored ribbon, or Multi-colors Inflatable Water Ball available For Sale. Even you can also choose transparent Ball of Water to enjoy more.
  • Clear (Transparent)
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green and
  • Yellow
These are the trending colors for choose, Water Walking Ball for water party.

Size: Again, the Inflatable will not disappoint you. The balls available in both: standard size, or in custom size.

Materials: Available in 0.8mm PVC, so you have not to worry about leakage.

Usage: Similar to zorb ball, water ball can use in Swimming pool, water park, water slide, etc.

Security concern: Yes!!! Security is first, it is not suitable for the kids’ age of six or below six years.

Warranty: 1 year quality guarantee and free repair kit.


This is an excessive activity where people roll down a hill in a massive inflatable ball.  This recreational sport of rolling was introduced by the Zorb Company in New Zealand, so that its name is Zorbing, although this has some other names also like globe riding or Sphereing etc

The Zorb is made of clear, stretchy plastic which is inflated with lots of air to provide pillow for the rider when rolling down the hill. Mostly, there are two layers of plastic, the external layer and the internal layer, with air in between them. You can trip in one down a calm slope, or on a smooth surface. Before use, you must keep in mind you must six years old or above.
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