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When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer During the Insurance Claim

Although generally speaking people are advised to hire a car accident lawyer if they have been insured in an accident immediately so as not to lose their right to sue, here we will you determine whether you actually need a car accident lawyer or not depending on the case. 

The simplest claims may not require a lawyer's assistance. 

But which are the simplest cases? Where does simplicity lie?

Simplicity implies the following:

  • Clarity of liability – the other involved party was clearly at fault and immediately recognizes it. 
  • Injuries are really minor – determined after medical evaluation and generating low medical bills. 
  • There are no uncertainties about coverage. 
  • There are no doubts about the statute of limitations (legally admissible period for filing a lawsuit). 
  • There is no complicated scenario or circumstances that may require investigation. 
In most cases like the above described, claimants usually start their claims themselves and end up hiring an attorney at later stages.   

It Is Desirable To Seek Advice From a Car Accident Lawyer When:

  • Liability is shared between involved parties. 
  • Liability is not clear. 
  • You have been asked to provide your medical history from before the car accident. 
  • You have been offered an amount but think your claim is worth much more. 
  • You are being offered a structured settlement instead of a lump sum payment. 
  • You have lost wages you can claim, but they are difficult to demonstrate. 
  • You do not trust your own negotiating skills or knowledge to negotiate a settlement. 
It Is Mandatory To Seek The Help Of a Car Accident Lawyer When:

  • The insurance company has already rejected or denied your claim, it is not willing to reconsider it, but you are convinced that their denial was incorrect. 
  • The insurance company offers you a very low settlement. 
  • There are other circumstances that you do not know how to demonstrate the loss and would make your claim more valuable (for example if you cannot resume your usual activities ). 
  • You were seriously injured with expensive medical bills. 
  • As a consequence of the car accident, you are with a residual disability. 
  • You are not severely injured, but as per doctor's indications, you will need further treatment incurring in future medical expenses. 
  • Liability is disputed, and you are firmly convinced you have no responsibility for the accident, or only partially responsible for it. 
  • Many months have passed since the accident, you have not set your claim yet, and you ignore the statute of limitations that apply in your state. 
  • Complex circumstances are surrounding the accident and investigation is required. 
  • The other party has already presented a lawsuit against you. 
As we mentioned at the beginning, hiring a car accident lawyer may not be imperative in some simple and minor cases.   However, we believe that having an initial consultation with a professional is always advisable since it can prevent future headaches or losses. 
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