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Grow Your Capital and Lower Risk With Gold And Silver Bullion

Throughout the world, widespread financial collapse has affected nation after nation. Whether it's the collapseof the Greek market or the bank of Iceland, many world governments have been subject to loss because of the crash of their economies. Geo-political factors affect many things, the least of which we would want to be our retirement plans. Looking at today's headlines and seeing news of the conflicts in Syria, Iran, North Korea, and others, we know that economies can turn on a dime. Because we are now more connected than ever these disasters can send ripple effects into our wallets.
One of the major benefits of investing and gold and silver bouillon is to avoid the volatility inherent in world markets. When fiat currency fails or experiences sky-high inflation, gold and silver not only retain their worth but they remain in demand. These metals have the value that comes with being a means of exchange but also because of their practical uses in industry. Gold is a fabulous conductor of electricity and silver is useful for water purification, making batteries and LED chips, producing medicines, touch screens, and much more.

Gold and silver coins have a long history of being used as money. From as early as 700 B.C., Lydian merchants used a mixture of 37% electrum and 63% gold as currency. In Rome, merchants and citizens bought and sold using gold, and throughout South America the indigenous peoples traded in gold. Mexico continues to use gold and silver coin. At the turn of the 19th century, many countries worldwide were on the gold standard. The idea behind this is that gold is what gives the paper money in circulation its value.

North America has seen the effects of rampant inflation in recent years. The ascending home prices of the early 2000s that resulted in the crash of 2008-2009 was a sobering lesson for us all. Despite the plummeting home values and widespread layoffs, the price of gold gained a value of 32% per year during 2008-2013. For those who invested in gold, they saw sustained profits. As the chaos of the current financial hurricane continues, financiallysavvy investors are preparing to hedge off disaster.

Financial experts like the ones at Toronto’s Guildhall Wealth Management offer gold and silver bouillon to customers as an investment strategy. Consumers with a Registered Retirement Savings Plan can hold gold and silver within their plans, allowing investors to avoid the risks associated with 401k plans, stocks, bonds, and world market volatility when using gold and silver as a hedge against liability. Experts will also tell you that buyinggold in RRSP in Toronto is a sound investment tactic as there is no counter-party risk and experts consider these precious metals to be undervalued and therefore affordable. Unlike the currencies of the world, the confidence in gold and silver has never diminished. By investing in gold and silver in their RRSP, customers can help protect their portfolios from suffering loss.
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