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What Is Different About Millennials and Money?

There are plenty of articles written about millennials and the various things that can be said about this generation. One of the things that has been noted quite a bit as of late is that millennials are different in terms of how they spend money. What has been noticed by some is that they are not nearly as willing to spend on credit and make other moves with money that were so common of generations past. 

The millennial generation grew up right as one of the worst recessions in the history of the United States was taking place. They looked around and saw people everywhere losing their jobs. They saw people losing their homes and not able to pay their bills as well. In fact, they may have even had to go through some of these struggles themselves as their parents struggled to get past the difficulties of the recession. This is believed to be part of the reason why they do not borrow on credit cards. 

Wages have long remained stagnant for everyone, but the cost of everything else continues to rise with time. College tuition has gone through the roof all while more and more people continue to attend. This means that millennials are struggling with student loan debt while at the same time working at jobs that have not seen a wage increase in a very long time. Given those two things, it is easy to see why millennials would be wary of taking on credit card debt. In fact, it is probably admirable that millennials do not take on more debt than they need to. 

http://s4fn.com/ is one place where you can read more about what is going on with millennials and finance. There are some great articles on this website which point to the ways that the millennial generation is so different from other generations in their handling of money. You can read about how they do not like to go to some of the same stores as previous generations and many other unique things about them as well. 

There are many industries which are facing the wrath of a millennial generation that simply does not want to buy what they are offering any more. They see certain things such as going out to eat as more of a luxury than something they really need to be doing. They are also turning their backs on high priced retailers in favor of buying things online. 

There are many things that can impact the way that a whole generation does their personal financial life. There are a lot of factors going into what the millennials are doing and how they think about money. If you are someone who tries to market to them or cares about what they do with the money that they have, you will want to think about the various factors associated with their way of thinking. It can provide tremendous insight into what the future may hold as far as economics are concerned.
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