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Creating your ideal investment portfolio – Steve Sorensen Gives Advice

Investment is something that needs to be done very carefully, so as to ascertain that your losses are minimal and your gains maximum. Having an Investment Portfolio helps you decipher your financial standing and gives a summary of the kind of investments you have made. This helps you take the future decisions related to your business easily.

Steve Sorensen and other financial advisers like him are the most reliable and ideal sort of people when it comes to matters pertaining to your finances. He has excellent grip over the various modes of working in the financial area of the corporate world, which is why he is so capable of representing some of the biggest names in the world. He helps investors of all sorts in redeeming their losses that they might have had to encounter due to some malpractice in the past.

Diversification of portfolio is one crucial thing for all investors in order to ensure minimum damage to your finances. There are numerous ways to diversify your portfolio and also various kinds of portfolios that you choose from to help your business function in a better way. Some of the most popularly known portfolio types are Aggressive, Income, Defensive, Speculative and Hybrid. Every kind of portfolio building requires a lot of effort and research which may not be possible for an individual to carry out easily. It is hence wise to seek the help of professionals like Steve Sorensen in such cases.

The Aggressive Portfolio is a basket of stocks that have the maximum risks attached to them that are subject to larger fluctuations. This kind of investment portfolio in most cases has a unique value proposition. Those interested in investing in this should look out for companies that have rapidly accelerating growth earnings, and thus the most suitable areas to look for this is technology. Since this is associated with high risks, the art of risk management becomes a mandatory feature of all such investors.

The Defensive Portfolio, a little different from its former counterpart does not have so much risk attached to it, and is rather quite isolated from broad market movements. This type of portfolio is said to be for the prudent investors, a lot of companies offer a dividend that helps to reduce the capital losses considerably.

The Income Portfolio, as the name suggests, emphasizes on making money with the help of some distributions to stakeholders or through dividends. A proper income portfolio should always be characterized by positive cash flow; REITs and MLP are very good examples of this.

The Speculative Portfolio is perhaps the one that entails the maximum risk; hence experts suggest that only 10% of your investable assets should be used for the funding of this portfolio.

The Hybrid Portfolio is perhaps the most flexible type of investment portfolio, it even ventures into art along with the bonds and commodities. The blue chip stocks and a few corporate or high grade government bonds fall in this category.

Understanding each portfolio properly and then deciding on the most suitable type for you is the best thing that any investor can think of doing before making any kind of investment.
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