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Are You GST Ready? A Brief Guide for tax Consultants

Within a few hours, GST will be inaugurated into the Indian taxation system. The entire country is geared up to welcome the most-awaited economic and tax reform “one nation, one tax.” Mr. ArunJaitley, Union Finance Minister of India states that the implementation of GST system in India will improve its over-all economy. It will have a comprehensive impact on the complete indirect tax system.

It is assumed that the GST system on roll will simplify the entire indirect taxation system but still there are several gaps that have to be filled during the transition period that can endanger the whole change-management process. With the help of this article tax practitioners and accountants, law practitioners and aspirants, indirect taxation consultants, chartered accountant, employed CA's with client enterprises and so on can examine various ways to pick-up the pace for GST India. 

Account book-keeping 

At beginning of GST, the entire range of accounting codes and the rules and regulations involved with it will need to be refurbished to match the GST guidelines. Such massive modification in the economy system will probably change the commercial environment especially for the enterprises and business personnel drastically. They have to establish their foundation and operations right from the beginning.

The tax consultants will have a great chance to assimilate the correct business process IT, accounting infrastructure domain for GST registration online, business assessment, settlement of invoice, tax returns/preparation or filing. Tax professionals with proficient in GST system are the ideal specialist to manage this drastic and massive transition. These professionals are trained and equipped with knowledge about the know-how process of GST and their inputs will be priceless when it is time to select the best financial technology vendors who are certified GSP (GST Suvidha Providers).


GST enactment will lead to extensive training programs vis-à-vis the requirements of new tax law, its procedures and how to effectively imply them. GST training programs will improve the management level of the company, the managers at the process-level, and most importantly the finance and the taxation department. Tax professionals are at the frontline of the implementation of training modules for their customers or clients. These training sessions are efficiently designed by numerous training institutes according to the convenience of time and day.

Arrangement of tax

Tax consultants are expected to presume tax related problem and issues that may emerge into the scene for an industry or organisation and facilitate strategies to pledge bottleneck situations. Industries and corporate sectors will highly appreciate financial consultancy or any kinds of plan that diminishes the discrepancy of tax cost while paying GST.

Corporates and business industry will accumulate time to grasp the features and practices at the beginning and thus the tax consultants are accountable to guide them until the time of full implementation of the taxation system. As per the existing laws, GST is a destination based tax rather than the origin based tax. Therefore, it is an obligatory conjecture for business entities to reconfigure the prevailing transaction methodology in order to curtail the tax burden which will require the input of a tax consultant or a professional.


Organisations will likely need guidance during the time of GST registration online and maintaining account registers under the GST regime. Various business entity or tax practitioners with GST training sessions provided by training institutions can approach the GST filing and registration process easily. Clients will expect tax professionals to streamline vendors' supply chain and to assure huge e-commerce industries and manufacturer are GST compliant. The tax practitioners are liable to answer any query or problem related to GST India.

Chaos is likely to arise for every stakeholder at every juncture of the vertical. Excellent GST training program is circulated around every corner of India to educate and instruct tax advisers to smoothen out the whole regulatory process. Moreover, these advisors can suggest and guide clients in resolving lawsuit arising at the time of transition and also provide valuable inputs for organisations and individuals. Accordingly, the new taxation system in India i.e. Goods and Services tax will provide new opportunities for tax professionals to guide their clients when they face the hurdle of block roads.
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