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The role of virtual numbers in business

Virtual phone number

Virtual numbers are another form of the business phone numbers. These are exclusive phone numbers that are mainly used for sending and receiving messages and Voice messages. For doing this, there is no need to associate any telephone line. These numbers are the special forms of Direct Inward Dialing DID numbers.  Virtual phone numbers do not require any physical line or hardware to be activated. 

 A user can forward calls to another number using a virtual phone number. The number can be a
  • A Landline number 
  • A mobile number 
  • A VoIP number
What is the use of virtual phone numbers?
  • Virtual phone numbers like Google voice alternative is connected with a different geographical location than the device to which they are used or forwarded. By using the virtual numbers, you can receive incoming calls in another country. You can do this without buying any specific SIM or have to pay any additional charges. 
  • Since virtual numbers are not associated with any kind of devices, they can be set to any location or any code. By this, the people calling from various locations don’t need to pay for a long distance phone call. This provides the people a local number to call and send SMS. 
  • This type of business phone number is the best solution for NGO’s, small companies, Startups to use and it is also available at an affordable cost. The user can set up a presence in any location in the world with a single virtual number. 
  • Virtual numbers can be set to redirect the calls to landlines, mobiles or VoIP devices. Therefore the virtual numbers can be used as a traditional gateway between the Internet Telephony and PSTN. The virtual numbers can be used to forward calls to devices at different times. 
  • Similarly, this virtual phone number can be used in combination with other platforms like engageSPARK. This can be used to drive mobile phone campaigns that are semi-automated. 
  • This type of numbers enables users to communicate with their contacts from any location. This will save the considerable time of the people and also helps them to be anywhere they want. 
  • Once organizations got business phone number like Google voice alternative, they can use this number in any location of the area code. The users don’t have to pay any additional charges for the roaming and the calls that made across countries. 
  • If companies and organizations use a virtual phone number, then it is easy to receive their incoming calls and it can be used on notepad or mobile phone or any other devices. In addition, an owner can set the call forwarding services to any destination and to any kind of devices as per the user request. 
  • This strategy offers both ease and cost-effective benefits to the organizations. It is easy to get and use business phone numbers for all sorts of communication needs of a business. 
  • It is one of the best solutions for satisfying customer needs and to provide good customer care
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