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How to sell things on classifieds. The right way

In order to make your ad stand out from a huge number of other offers posted by Internet users, you need to write it according to certain rules. When selling a buggy, for instance, writing something like ”I’m gonna bump up the price tomorrow so hurry” is somewhat ridiculous. CAPATIZILING all the letters in the heading to tell people that you are a specialist when it comes to pet adoption, by the way, is also not the best idea unless you do not want to actually sell anything. Therefore, we suggest you make use of the instructions presented to you below to be able to write the most effective ad, sell the product and improve some of your sales skills.


The simplest phrase like "in mint condition" that can be put at the end of the header will drive a lot of traffic to your ad. That is, if there are two similar ads like "Buggy for sale" and “Buggy for sale in mint condition", then, most likely that the potential buyers will choose your offer over the first one. 

However, if your buggy is brand new, you do not want to actually write the word "new", since it does not work very well. In this case, you can write, for example, “Brand new laptop in mind condition” or “never used laptop in perfect condition”. It is going to be much more effective.


The first thing you need to do is to take a picture of the thing you are going to sell. But for some inexplicable reason, many do not do it. Keep in mind that you need to take the pictures yourself instead of downloading some promo pics from the Internet. For example, If you are selling a laptop, do not get its picture from the numerous sites where it is sold, take a pic yourself yourself, so that the customer can see how accurately the product description corresponds to the laptop's actual condition. Ideally, take three or four high-quality pictures. You can take more if you wish to. The most important thing is to make sure that the pictures you have taken accurately represent the product you are selling.

You can structure your text in the form of bulletins. For example, when selling a buggy, you might want to list the following characteristics using bulletins:
·         good maneuverability;
·         ease of use;
·         high-quality materials.

If you are selling a laptop, you could list:
·         excellent performance;
·         powerful processor.

Make a list of features that your product has which emphasize its distinctive benefits over the analogues.

To sum up, when posting an ad on classifieds, you need to do three main things.

1.      Write a proper heading;
2.      Upload some high-quality pictures properly depicting your product;
3.      Write a good product description.

Once you have done it, all you have to do is wait for potential buyers. Good luck!
In case you want to see some examples of good advertising, we recommend you  browse Kijiji for used toys for sale or the aforementioned buggies to see how other people are selling their stuff.

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