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Economic and Social Growth of Business with Strategic Corporate Philanthropy

Looking for new ways to grow the business has always been a challenge faced by every company. Beating the growing competition has never been easy and is now all the more frightening. There is a constant fighting of battle to move up and be the perfect company in the eyes of the clients, customers and society. There has been one way adapted by few and believed by even fewer, the idea of indulging in philanthropic events.

Philanthropy and business might seem to be dichotomic. Nonetheless, when integrated produce best results, beneficial for both the business and for the society. Marc J Leder, the Co-CEO of the Sun Capital Partners Inc. has been a part of hundreds of charity events, more for the sake of giving and thanking the society for all he has achieved. He has given equal credit to his hard work, ideas, group work of the employees and the acceptance of the public.

Upon the observation on the decreasing philanthropic activities, he encourages companies and organizations to participate in it. He clears the uncertainty that it is not one-sided benefit; rather there is equal benefit for business in it. The company could experience hike in its performance and demand in the public. There are certain matters to understand before jumping to a conclusion.

These are:
  1. Company seen in positive light: reputation of a firm or organizing is significant for its continual functions and sales. Showing repetitive interest and participation in charities and fund raising events would reflect the concern and support for the society’s well-being. The people should realize that the company cares for its people, its clienteles and customers and is not only after making money. Hence, it makes people believe that the company cares and deserves their trust and respect.
  2. Uniting the workforce: a small, middle or large company faces one similar issue, the lack of connection amongst employees and workers. Working in different departments and on different projects, the workers barely get to unite and communicate with each other. Organizing such philanthropic events, something different from daily work routine would provide them a chance to work together at something that is larger than life- helping others. Marc J Leder along with his partner established Sun Capital Partners Foundation, with passion and commitment to bring positive change in the society. The aim also was to unite its every member, employee, portfolio companies and business partners for a jointly effort in this new venture.
  3. Connecting with community and customers: every business has a target audience to satisfy. Besides manufacturing ideal product and providing the best services to them, it is important to connect emotionally with them. Helping the community develop, organizing for young people, scholarships for students, or serving the society when struck by natural disasters are some of the ways to connect with the people. This bond is stronger than what advertising campaigns can barely produce.
 Corporate philanthropy is the next best concept for developing business and raises its status.
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