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Top 5 T shirt Manufacturers in India

T-shirts are the trendiest and coolest outfits for all that can be worn in all seasons irrespective of genders. A variety of t-shirts with new designs and fabrics have reined the garment market these days. A couple of significant things must be considered while buying tees that make it indispensable for all t-shirt manufacturers all across the world.

T shirt manufacturer is done by many companies but some of the elite ones have been highlighted below that have a special eye for fabrics, material, quality and designs that define fad in modern times.

Red Wolf

Red Wolf is a Mumbai based firm that was started by three friends namely Ameya Thakur, Raukjaysheel and Vivek Malhotra in the year 2011. This unconventional company is into graphic designing of tees and several other accessories. Many talented designers have added their ideas and creativity in this firm to make it a great success today that offers brilliant t-shirts with trendy designs and a non-compromised quality.

Go Left

Go Left is all about depicting emotions and love in tees. It follows an unconventional road and stand out from the crowd. The Go left t-shirt manufacturer in India is into designing cool tees that are also focused into promoting a culture. It is inspired from the serene beauty of Kerala waves and hence finds depiction of such cool images in the tees.


Nineteen51 is yet another popular and emerging t-shirt manufacturer in India that is known for its brilliance in quality and designs. The company and talented designers solely focused on minute details to make the t-shirt absolutely perfect without any sizing or design issues. It strives to make amazing t-shirts by paying heed to the minutest details in terms of fabrics, quality, printing techniques and methods used. Each of Nineteen51 t-shirts are refreshing with dynamic designs that makes them an absolute choice for all.


KultureShop is not confined to being a t-shirt company alone but integrates the work of many talented designers who combine art, illustration and designs in one of the most unique ways. It basically tries to reflect identity with a logo that can depict a story altogether.

Bombay Trooper

Bombay trooper is filled with t-shirts with quirky and witty designs that are oriented on tees. This company was launched in 2013 October and has created a niche with regards to quality of product and cool designs. It lays special emphasis on product quality, adorable packaging, unique colors and soft fabric to allow comfort and fad at the same time.
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