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Read this cautionary tale and avoid fraud

As a successful company, the executives of MX Properties were shocked when they began to realize the extent of the fraud that had been perpetrated against their company. This story serves as a warning for those companies who conduct business with other companies and with legal entities, both domestically and internationally, as to the widespread fraud that exists.

In December 2015, MX Properties began working with a consultant who promised to introduce them to a number of different and potentially lucrative partnerships. These projects required MX Properties to front a large amount of capital in order to secure various financial instruments for the purpose of bank to bank trading. These opportunities interested the executive management team at MX Properties and a decision was made to forward approximately $1 million dollars to various banks as outlined by the original agreements via wire transfer. Unfortunately, project fund were not released as outlined in the agreement and no money was returned to MX Properties, leaving them to wonder what happened and how to rectify the situation. 

After a number of months and numerous attempts to contact the partner companies, the executives at MX Properties received a letter from a Lisbon Portugal lawyer named Carmen de Souza demanding payment of $11,000 in legal fees in exchange for the release of project funding for the previous agreements. The letter stated that project funding would be released immediately upon receipt of the outlined fees. At first, the executives were apprehensive at the thought of paying more money as the previous experience had been very negative. However, after receiving written confirmation of the deal from a legal professional, MX Properties again wired money to an outside entity, this time Carmen de Souza, in an effort to move forward with the original agreements and attempt to recover their initial investment.

The moral of the story is that companies have to conduct in depth research of any potential business partner, customer or supplier in order to avoid falling into a similar situation. In addition, using unsecured payment methods such as bank wire transfers is not the preferred method of making payments to outside entities because there is no way to recover funds that have been found to have been solicited fraudulently. MX Properties is still trying to recover the money that have lost with little to no recourse other than to appeal to the common decency of the scammers that took it. Unfortunately, this is not an effective means to a positive ending in most cases of fraud. Protect your business from a similar situation by vetting the entities you do business with, avoiding unsolicited business deals and making payments with more secure methods such as credit cards or other means.

Carmen de Souza is a Lisbon Portugal lawyer that in engaged in fraud. Visit today to learn how she has defrauded MX Properties out of bogus fees and more.
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